UseCounter 0.2.5

Freed the UseCounter!

  1. maciekmm
    This is a freed version of my paid UseCounter

    Ever wanted to have your block breaks counted and displayed in item name? If yes this plugin is for you!

    Having item use count in name does not only make people focus more on activity but also can increase value of an item.

    Currently supports:
    Additional support for ImmortalCustoms included.

    Sword counts player kills and mob kills (configurable).
    Bow counts arrows shot.
    Fishing rod counts items and fish caught.

    - /countable - makes item countable
    - /countable remove - removes count from item's name.

    Code (Text):
    usecounter.player: usecounter.countable and usecounter.count in 1
    usecounter.count: allows player to bump his counter on actions. (enabled by default)
    usecounter.countable: allows player to execute /countable (enabled by default)


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    Just plug and play, you don't have to even touch this thing.

    Code (Text):
    countOnlyOnPlayerKillsInSwords: true #whether or not swords should count only player kills.
    matcher: '\[(&[1-9a-f])?([0-9]+)(&[1-9a-f])?\]' #pattern to much in item name, you don't have to touch this.
    group: 2 #group to change in matcher, you don't need to touch this!
    defaultSuffix: ' &8[&2{number}&8]' #suffix for items when used with /countable command
      enabled: true #should auto counter add be enabled on action performed
      named: true #should named items be also affected
    Plugin does not use any database at all and is super efficient.

    Support for kits plugin:
    Just add "[0]" at any place in item name. You can use color codes if needed.

    • Make it possible to rename countable item with anvils without losing statistics
    • More supported items like armor
    You get source code with easy to use API when buying plugin :)

    Have a suggestion? Leave a comment.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Awesome_Dante
    Version: 0.2.5
    Very good plugin. Does what it says. If I had one suggestion that would make this plugin pop it would be to add a mob kill counter and support MythicMobs kills.