[USEFUL] Survey 1.0

Make your players ask questions and let them vote !

  1. gaytis
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This is very simple script, 100% editable for you serveur.
    It does what it promises.

    - /survey - show the list of commands
    - /survey create <text> - Create a survey
    - /survey yes - Vote yes
    - /survey no - Vote no
    - /survey see - See the available survey or "No survey available" if none.
    - /survey reload - Reload the skript | Permission : survey.reload
    - /survey stop - Stop an available survey | Permission : survey.stop

    By default, survey are on for 60 seconds.
    This is editable and you can set whatever you want easily as it is a variable.

    Features i might add :

    - Database to see every survey made.
    - Permisison for /survey create, yes, no

    Survey tested on 1.16.5. Support not provided for previous minecraft version.

    My other ressources:
    - AutoFarm : To create farming zone with infinite materials !

    Please leave a good review if this helps you !