User Info by xProxyRed 1.0.3

An easy, simple way to look up players on your server.

  1. xProxyRed
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    An easy way to lookup online players.

    /ui <player>

    system.userinfo - /ui

    - Get Players UUID
    - View Command Logs to Console
    - Get Players Gamemode
    - Get Player Hunger
    - Get Whitelist Status
    - Get Banned Status
    - Get Online Status
    - Get OP Status
    - Get Players World
    - Get Players Location
    - Get Players Health
    - Get Players IP
    - Get Players Ping

    It's my first plugin which I released and one of my first things I did. You can definitely improve a lot. I am still learning to program Greeting Google translator