UserGuide 2.0

This plugin gives you a Manual from you server with the /help command!

  1. RubenRME
    The help pages say more about your server than you sometimes want. Userguide gives your players a book instead of the usual help. This book is completely customizable so that it fits your server!

    Warning: This plugin overrides the original /help command!
    If you want the old one back: delete the plugin and its content!

    How to use

    • /help
      • Gives the book
    • /userguide
      • Gives help about the plugin
    • /userguide givebook
      • Alternative way to give yourself the Book
    • /userguide help
      • Displays all commands
    • /userguide reload
      • Reloads the config file
    userguide.givebook Allows to use /userguide givebook
    userguide.reload Allows to use /userguide reload

    • book-title
      • This is the title of your user guide
    • book-author
      • This is the author of your user guide
    • message
      • The message being send to the payer when he executes /help
    • pages
      • This is the content that is in the book. This is working a little bit different than you might think, every line is a new page. You need to experiment a little!
    You have found a bug? Great! Please report it trough the discussion page!

    Upcoming features
    Done! Is going to be in the next update!
    Working on
    Not yet started on

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    Ideas and suggestions
    Do you have any idea's or suggestions? Please leave them at the discussion page!

    Source code
    The source code will be available again after version 2.1

    You are always allowed to make a video about the plugin! If you want your video featured here, hit me up in a private conversation!
    [Outdated] Video by TheJadyha:

    [Outdated] Video by MrBlackDrag0nfly:


    In game

    The Config


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Recent Reviews

  1. ferrinweb
    Version: 2.0
    I want to know what will happen when a line is very long, auto make some pages or lost words?
    1. RubenRME
      Author's Response
      Lost words, a book has a 256 character limit per page
  2. JustThiemo
    Version: 2.0
    Works fine for me
  3. fire__rain
    Version: 1.8
    really useful but just 1 vote,wtf!
  4. CrispyWaffles
    Version: 1.8
    DiegoMC doesn't know what he's talking about. This plugin was released in 2013. it is now 2015. 500 downloads without votes is understandable. Also, he wasn't rating the plugin, he rated the page. This plugin is very good and does what it's supposed to do.