UserLogin plugin 1.0

A very simple to use login system for your server!

  1. BlazeNinja31
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    • 1.15

    USERLOGIN v1.0


    I think we can all agree in that hackers sure are a great pain for server administrators. A common problem that happens in offline servers is hackers joining the server as an operator's account, and it can cause a lot of damage. (Trust me, it happened to me twice)

    Well, boy do I have the solution for you! This simple to use plugin integrates a login system into your server. It automatically teleports a player to the defined login spawn point, and sends them a message to register or login with their password, depending on if they're new to the server or not. When the player registers theyr account, ot logs in, they are automatically teleported to a defined lobby spawn.

    All of this prevents hackers from hacking into an operator's account and using their privilages to damage the server, as they will now require a password to join.

    But wait, since they are joining as operators, can't they use operator commands in the login spawn too?

    Well, that also has a solution. See, the plugin takes away a player's operator privileges as soon as they leave the server, and only grants them said permissions when they log in with their password.That way, no hacker can use operator commands before logging in.

    And an extra feature: Time-out. If enabled, this functionality will kick players if they stay for too long in the login zone (Configurable time)

    - Login and register commands for players to join the server
    - Fully customizable login and lobby spawn coordinates, made easy with commands
    - Fully customizable chat messages for everything that the plugin includes, in messages.yml
    - Automatic operator permissions takeaway and grant
    - Time-out functionality to prevent players from staying AFK in the login zone
    - Configurable permissions assignable to non-operators
    - Easy to configure playerData.yml file, where all passwords, player IDs, names and operator permissions are stored

    Player commands:
    - /login <password>: If registered and the password is correct, it will teleport the player to the defined lobby coordinates
    - /register <password> <password>: If the player isn't registered, and both passwords match, the command will register them in playerData.yml and teleport the player to the defined lobby coordinates.

    Admin commands:
    - /setlogin: Sets the login spawn coordinates at the player's current position
    - /setlobby: Sets the lobby spawn coordinates at the player's current position
    - /reloadlogin: Reloads the three configuration files. (config.yml, messages.yml and playerData.yml)

    - userLogin.setLogin: Permission for /setlogin command
    - userLogin.setLobby: Permission for /setlobby command
    - userLogin.reloadlogin: Permission for /reloadlogin command

    "config.yml" configuration:
    - loginSpawn (and subcategories): They can be modified to manually configure the login spawn coordinates and world.
    - lobbySpawn (and subcategories): Like loginSpawn, these can be modified to change the lobby spawn coordinates and world.
    - timeOutEnabled: Can be configured to enable or disable time-out player kicking
    - timeOutSeconds: Time (in seconds) that players can stay in the login world before being kicked if time-out kicking is enabled.
    - disableOpWhenQuit: If enabled, operators will no longer have such permissions when they quit, and only regain them when they log in with their password.

    Anyways, that's all for this plugin. If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to make a comment, or contact me on Discord. (ElCholoGamer#3291)

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a good day.