UsernameWhitelist 1.0.1

Only allow specific usernames

  1. guyag
    Simple plugin, given that name changes are coming up, to only allow certain names on the server. Thus, if a player changes their name, their name will have to be re-approved to play.

    You may configure the whitelist kick message (including colour codes) in the config.yml file which is saved (as usual) on first run of the plugin.

    usernamewhitelist.manage - use the admin features of the plugin

    /usernamewhitelist [command]
    add : Add one or more names (space separated) to the list
    remove : Remove one or more names (space separated) to the list
    load : Load the whitelist from file
    reloadconfig : Reload config from file

    Note: the whitelist.yml is saved after every command, so can be edited by hand while the server is running and the /usernamewhitelist load command run to reflect any changes you have made.

    This plugin comes as-is and the user is mostly left to figure out its use for themselves - the plugin is relatively straightforward and small. If you are a developer, you are more than welcome to decompile the plugin and amend the source for your own use, so long as some form of credit is given.
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  1. tmad40blue
    Version: 1.0.1
    As a family-friendly server owner, I needed a way to absolutely 100% guarantee that usernames would have to be pre-approved. This plugin allowed me to do just that - if we haven't specifically whitelisted your exact username on our server, you're not getting online. Simple, small, and does its job. Great little plugin.