Users Report 2.1

Report bad users and kick them!!

  1. Users Report GUI - update!

    Whats new in this update:
    1. Now player no need to execute long command, player will execute /report <player>
    2. Has a GUI implemented
    3. Reason and Servers list has been removed form config.yml, now is on inventory.yml file
    4. A console command has been added
    5. Spawn a firework when player is kicked
    6. Cooldown has been added before...
  2. Permissions Update (minor update)

    On this minor update of UsersReport, Operators do not need the permissions: and

    And Internal Java Code was fixed! ;)
  3. Message, YML & Owner Update!

    Update features:

    1. Now Owner on config.yml can not be reported ! set it with: /set owner [Your name]
    2. Messages.yml has been organized
    3. Now include players.yml , It register all players reports!