uShop - Simple sell all your items! update 2.2.1

Sell items in a GUI instead of using only a command!

  1. update 2.2.0

    • Added a converter for converting EssentialsX worth list items to uShop (#10)
      • Configured prices can now be converted from plugins/Essentials/worth.yml by using /ushop convert.
    • Fixed a spigot crash which got triggered when opening the shop via another plugin like command signs or citizens. (#6)
    • Prevented items with zero worth from being sold...
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  2. update 2.1.0

    • updated the plugin for 1.14.*
    • fixed an annoying error in console (#2)
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  3. update 2.0.4

    - fixed a few console stack traces
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  4. update 2.0.3

    - bring back the simple item configuration
    - fixed broken reload command
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  5. update 2.0.2

    - added support for 1.13 items
    - added metrics
    - added the command /ushop open <player> for opening the shop in console for other players
    - added plugin version and some statistics to the /ushop main command
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  6. update 2.0.1


    I'm proud to announce version 2.0.1 of uShop. This new version includes a bunch of changes, so I decided to switch to spigot 1.13.x.

    • plugin is now compatible with spigot 1.13.x (only 1.13.x)
    • general code overhaul
    • added the ability to sell items with lores, displaynames, and enchantments
    • customized the overall sell item a bit
    • removed essentials worth support (since it does not satisfies uShop's item...
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  7. update 1.7.6

  8. update 1.7.5

    • fixed ConcurrentModifcationException
    • changed the project compilation to Java 1.8
    • overhauled the format of material names
    • zero price value items will no longer be sold
  9. update 1.7.4

    * fixed the bug which allowed the player to put out the gold nugget
  10. update 1.7.3

    + added the ability to customize the enumeration list of the items (Displayed by the nugget)

    config.yml addition:

    gui-item-enumeration-format: "%amount%x &c%material%&r = &a %price%"
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