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  1. Linkforsoad
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:

    Important before using
    The latest release is for Spigot 1.15+ only. Read the release notes before upgrading please.

    All the dependencies for uSkyBlock and the advised versions can be found in the latest release notes.

    If you experience any bugs or issues with the plugin, please report them in the Discussions-section or on Github issues. Please don't PM me on here or Discord. I'm on the road a lot and can't offer premium (live) support.

    uSkyBlock has an API. The artifacts are available from our Maven repository. All information regarding the API can be found on the wiki.

    uSkyBlock uses bStats to collect usage information about the plugin. No identifying server information is collected. More information can be found here.


    No support is provided in the reviews section. Please report any issues on Github or the forum!

Recent Updates

  1. 2.8.7 - MC1.15.1
  2. 2.8.6 - MC1.14.4
  3. 2.8.5 - MC1.14.4

Recent Reviews

  1. kxii
    Version: 2.8.7
    Great plugin! but is there any way for me to customise the messages? I have a few welsh speaking players with welsh being their preferred language.
  2. Davisiiiik
    Version: 2.8.6
    Excellent plugin, I love it since 1.13.2 version. Is already estimated date of 1.15 release?
    1. Linkforsoad
      Author's Response
      The latest 1.14.4 release works without problems on MC1.15.1 as far as we know. An official build against MC1.15.1 will be out somewhere in the next days.
  3. FallPlum
    Version: 2.8.6
    What a perfect plugin that I find,And I want to introduce the plugin to my Chinese friends on ,I want to get your access,so can I?
    And I want to make a download of Chinese version.Thanks´╝ü
    1. Linkforsoad
      Author's Response
      Hi, to be honest, I'm not aware of the Chinese MC server market. If you can send me a private message with some information what you need from me et cetera, we can work it out :)
  4. Greenghost_72
    Version: 2.8.6
    It is a good plugin but I have updated my server to 1.15 and I need you to update the plugin as soon as possible contact me when you update please
    1. Linkforsoad
      Author's Response
      The current version should work on 1.15, there are no breaking changes afaik. Please report any issues on the forums or Github.
  5. DemianTenhage
    Version: 2.8.5
    Hey i use this plugin on my server and if i fall into the void i just keep falling? does anyone have any idea what this might be and how to fix it?
  6. Orici
    Version: 2.8.5
    hi just want to say we love uSkyBlock <3. After a short testing (2 weeks) we are happy to run a Survival & Skyblock Server. My favorite feature is this Multiverse and Worldguard part. Thanks alot :-)
  7. Modiby
    Version: 2.8.5
    Good but buggy, I reported the issue 3 or days ago and i dont have response :(
    "Players lose their islands after server restart and We need to do /usb reload to refresh userdata"
  8. VaporingDread
    Version: 2.8.5
    ill give 5 starts and give you money to have player have more then one island. thats all i want
  9. mrsbling
    Version: 2.8.5
    Crisp and clean config. Response time is quick . Very easy to understand and place onto server. Love it. Good Job
  10. NoopyyGaming
    Version: 2.8.3
    I get an error null when installing this plugins, any idea where it comes from ?
    1. Linkforsoad
      Author's Response
      We're unable to provide support in the reviews section, please report the issue in the Discussions-section with a copy of your server logfile.