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MultiLanguage Utilities plugin - Mini-Essentials


    This update took a while to make, but it's now finally here!
    I call this update the LANGUAGE update. It now supports EVERY language which is also supported by the AdvancedMultiLanguageAPI plugin by @smessie
    You can now copy the English (EN) language of the config and paste it into the config. Just change the language (EN) to your wanted language and start translating all messages.
    AWARE: In order to let this version work great, REMOVE the current configuration and REPLACE it with the new one (see main page). This is necessary because a lot of messages has been moved (Such as the broadcast prefix)

    Added /warp! Warp to a location set in the warps.yml
    Added /broadcastactionbar! Broadcast an action bar message
    Added /setwarp! Set a warp location.
    Added /deletewarp! Delete a warp from the warps.yml
    Added /rename! Rename an item (Color supported)
    Added /clearlore! Clear the current holding item's lore
    Added /addlore! Add a lore to your holding item
    Added /removelore! Remove a lore from your holding item
    Added /gamemode! Change your gamemode
    Added /teleport! Teleport to a player/coordinates
    Added /clearchat! Clear your/the server/a certain player's chat
    Added /killall! Kill all entities of a specific entity group
    Added /msg! Private message a player
    Added /reply! Reply to a player's message
    Added /more! Set the item amount to the max stack size
    Added /worldteleport! Teleport to a specific world
    Added /setspawn! Set the server spawn
    Added /spawn! Teleport to the server spawn
    Added /playertime! Change your personal time
    Added /playerweather! Change your personal weather
    Added /enderchest! Open your/someone else's enderchest
    Added /jump! Jump to the location you're looking at
    Added /repair! Repair all items or just your hand
    Added /nickname! Change your nickname
    Added /fireball! Fire a fireball
    Added /dragonball! Fire a dragonball
    Added /tpall ! Teleport all players to you / someone else
    Added /freeze! Freeze a player
    Added Placeholders! You must have installed PlaceholderAPI in order to let these placeholders work. Look at the main page to see what the placeholders are.
    Fixed a LOT of bugs. I don't wanna call them all so...
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