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MultiLanguage Utilities plugin - Mini-Essentials

  1. 1.8 - 1.12 Support! - Fixes + new commands

    Plugin is now compatible for version 1.8 - 1.12!

    /heal for the console. It was not possible to heal someone via the console.
    Fixed /gm 3. It sent the plugin-usage command message after the command was executed.
    Fixed /about. This works now with every language.
    Fixed Blood. It won't be given to dropped items and armor stands now.
    Fixed /clear. An error was given when executing the command.
    Fixed /home. You can now use the %home% variable.
    Fixed the warp not exist message.
    Fixed /homes. It will now display the homes instead of the player's uuid.

    Added an economy system. Developers can hook into it by using the UtilitiesAPI.
    Added /balance. Add/clear/remove/set someone's balance.
    Added /pay. Pay a certain amount of balance to a player.
    Added /payall. Pay a certain amount to all online players.

    Added /uuid. Check someone's UUID.
    /birthday. Set your birthday and get rewards and messages when it's your birthday.
    Added /kick. Kick a player with(out) a reason.
    Added /ip. Lookup someone's IP.
    Added /top. Teleport to the top of a block.
    Added /book. You can turn your written book into an editable one and reversed.
    Added /enchant. Enchant your items.
    Added /broadcasttitle. Broadcast a title to the server. Use %n for the subtitle.
    Added /helpop. Ask the OP's for help.
    Added /broadcastbossbar. Broadcast a bossbar to all online players. This command is different for 1.8 (less configurable).
    Added /worldteleport. Teleport to a certain world.
    Added /world. Create/remove/copy/teleport a world.
    Added /back. Teleport to your last location.

    Removed the bossbar when executing /clear.
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