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MultiLanguage Utilities plugin - Mini-Essentials

  1. 1.8 - 1.12 Support! - Fixes + new commands

    Plugin is now compatible for version 1.8 - 1.12!

    /heal for the console. It was not possible to heal someone via the console.
    Fixed /gm 3. It sent the plugin-usage command message after the command was executed.
    Fixed /about. This works now with every language.
    Fixed Blood. It won't be given to dropped items and armor stands now.
    Fixed /clear. An error was given when executing the command.
    Fixed /home. You can now use the %home%...
  2. Version update

    This is not an update!
    Hello there users. We're currently working on the next version of the plugin. In the next version we will add 1.8 and 1.13 support. This may be hard cause it's not easy to put those versions together in a plugin like this. The GCNT Dev team is also on holiday, so it can take a while before the update will be released. We also wanna add some commands, helpful stuff etc. and we want you to help us. Private message us and send us your awesome...

    This update took a while to make, but it's now finally here!
    I call this update the LANGUAGE update. It now supports EVERY language which is also supported by the AdvancedMultiLanguageAPI plugin by @smessie
    You can now copy the English (EN) language of the config and paste it into the config. Just change the language (EN) to your wanted language and start translating all messages.
    AWARE: In order to let this version work great, REMOVE the...
  4. Bug Fixes + New Command

    Added an AutoUpdater!!! You will now get a message when you're (a) version(s) behind! - Players with the permission utilities.updatemessage will get the Update message!
    Added /invsee! Use this command to look in someone else's inventory! Aware: You can open the inventory and grab their stuff, but the stuff will NOT be removed from the player's inventory! It also is an one-time inventory, so it will NOT be updated while it's open!
  5. Minor bug fixed

    Fixed a bug that the colors of the /speed messages didn't get replaced by color codes
    Changed the config. I don't know the German language :), so i couldn't translate all german messages. Please translate them yourself (and if you want send them to me via PM)
  6. Added a LOT of commands!!

    Added /afk! Let the server know that you're Away From Keyboard!
    Added /armor! Opens a GUI to put on armor!
    Added /broadcast! Broadcast a message to the server!
    Added Blood Effect! Shows blood when hitting an entity! You can disable this in the config (bloodOnMobs and bloodOnPlayers)
    Added /elytra! Fly to the moon! With this command you will get an elytra as chestplate! Don't worry, your current chestplate...
  7. tooManyArguments fixes + Some new commands!

    Added /uuid! Get the UUID of the given player!
    Added /sun! Set the current world's weather to sun!
    Added /rain! Set the current world's weather to rain!
    Added /thunder! Set the current world's weather to thunder!
    Added /elytra! Change your chestplate to elytra. Your current chestplate will be added to your inventory, so you don't lose it.
    Added tooManyArguments message to all commands.
    Added /about...
  8. /fly

    Added /fly! Toggle your fly. Toggle someone else's fly by typing /fly <player>!
    FIX Messages in the config.
  9. Troll Update!

    Added /clear! Clear your inventory with this command.
    Added /lightning! Fire a lightning to the place you are looking at or to a player (with /lightning <player>) Alias: /strike.
    Added tooManyArguments message in the Config. This message will be showed when the player typed too many arguments in a command.
    Added /suicide! Commit suicide.
    Added /disconnect! Disconnect from the server. Alias: /leave.
  10. Workbench

    Added /workbench or /wb. Open the craftingtable/workbench by typing this command. Give players the permission utilities.workbench to let them use this command!

    Added a barrier recipe. Actually, this isn't needed or something, but it's really annoying that you couldn't craft a barrier. You can disable this in the config!

    FIX a language mistake in the German language. You must...