uuidAPI 1.5

An API designed to keep track of UUIDs

  1. TheEntropy
    uuidAPI's job is to collect information about a users' UUID who join your server while this plugin is installed and have that information ready for other plugins to use when needed. This API will not automatically work with your plugin, but it is easily to implement and will save you time by managing UUID's and the names tied to them for you.

    How will this API help my plugin?
    Most, if not all plugins that deal with player configs or the players themselves, have used player displaynames as way to identify one user from many others. It is much easier to remember a player's username compared to their UUID, but what do you do when there is a need for identifying a player who is offline, but you only remember their username? uuidAPI's job is to gather all the information for you so you can retrieve UUID's of a player by their last used display name and it will automatically keep it updated for you.

    I'm interested in uuidAPI.. How can I implement it in my plugin?
    How you use this API is up to you, but it is very easy to implement in your plugin. A server must have the uuidAPI.jar in their server plugins folder (it must be up to date and working correctly as well) if your plugin uses this API. If you want to implement this API into your plugin, please follow the guide below

    • SQLlite database used for efficient data storage and retrieval
    • Optional MySQL database connect
    • Lightweight: the only work uuidAPI does on its own is when a player logs in and an occasional database connection check
    • Keeps track of past names, instead of the one currently attached to it
    • More 'suited' for frequent requests since no extra outbound connections need to be made every time the names of an UUID are needed (unless you use the MySQL option)
    Implementing uuidAPI into your plugin

    link to implementation guide: Click Here

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