UUIDCompatibility 2.17

Enable support for plugins that haven't yet updated to use UUIDs

  1. iKeirNez
    This plugin uses dangerous code which can potentially have negative side effects, remember to keep regular backups of the server in the case of this ever happening.

    How is this any different from similar plugins?
    Unlike similar plugins, UUIDCompatibility DOES NOT prevent players who have changed their name from joining the server.

    • Only plugins you specify will be fooled into thinking a players name is their original name
    • Importing UUIDs/usernames from player dat files
    • Importing UUIDs/usernames from Essentials
    • Java 7 or higher.
    How does it work?
    The plugin starts up and injects some code into a CraftBukkit class, this method allows us to see which plugin is attempting to get a players name, if you specified the plugin requesting the players name in the config, we will give the plugin the players original name, in all other cases plugins are given the players real name.

    Player #1 joins the server with the name "Notch", they then leave the server and change their name to "jeb_", when they rejoin the server, UUIDCompatibility tricks plugins you specify that "jeb_" is still called "Notch".

    /uuidcompatibility reload - Reloads all yml files and refreshes player names to reflect any changes made. Requires the permission node "uuidcompatibility.reload" (defaults to OP)

    Code (Text):
    # This plugin uses some dangerous code to change a players name
    # As this is not normal behaviour for the Minecraft/Bukkit server and installed plugins, unexpected results could occur
    # We ask that you keep regular backups in the case of this happening
    # The developer(s) of UUIDCompatibility take no responsibility for damage caused by this plugin
    # enabled - Enables the plugin, by changing this value to true, you show that you have read the above warning
    # showOriginalNameIn - Locations in which players original names should be used
    # displayName - Show original name in display name
    # tabList - Show original name in tab list
    # plugins - A list of plugins which should be given UUID compatibility
    # notifyPlayers - When a player joins and their username differs from their original name, should they be notified?
    # debug - Show extra information about the plugin for debugging purposes

    enabled: false
    displayName: false
    tabList: false
    - GriefPrevention
    notifyPlayers: true
    debug: false
    This plugin reports statistics to MCStats. If you would like to disable this, you can do so by changing "opt-out" to false in the PluginMetrics config.

    UUIDCompatibility is completely free, however it took hours of trial and error. If you would like to donate, their is a button at the top right. All donations are greatly appreciated.
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