UUIDHamster 1.3.2

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  1. dirty
    The UUIDHamster became neccessary to meet requirements from the Minecraft community, when Mojang introduced account UUIDs and enabled username changes. Since the Mojang API rate limits access to their REST API they recommend to locally cache their API results. The UUIDHamster gains this by providing a unique API for plugin developers for handling username/UUID requests by giving them unified player profiles.

    Backend Dependency
    The plugin requires a backend (UUIDHamster API) which needs to be installed seperately. This backend retrieves player information from the Mojang API and saves player profiles to it's backend. The API is a 100% RESTful web service that speaks json. The great advantage of this concept is, that you can access player profiles from everywhere, e.g. your website.

    Please see the Installation section of the documentation for more details.

    In case you do not want to set up a backend at your own, you may request access to my backend. Please note, that this is a pay-service. For details visit this page.

    • Unique Player Profiles
    • In-game and third party (plugin) usage
    • Caching support
    • Localized in english and german

    Please see the full documentation here.

    UUIDHamster collects statistic data and sends them to MCStats. You can disable this in the plugin configuration file.

    Please note: By default, submitting metrics is enabled. By installing this plugin on your server you agree that you submit metrics at least the first time you (re)start your server with having this plugin enabled.

    The plugin metrics can be obtained from here.

Recent Reviews

  1. Fernando3000
    Version: 1.3.2
    If you could help me with a api to see if the UUD is premium or not premium would help me and not if it contains api tell me you have?
    1. dirty
      Author's Response
      I've updated the doc (http://dirtyequi.github.io/UUIDHamster/) with installation instructions: UUIDHamster API -> API Installation). Please note that you need root-access on your operating system.

      In case of trouble, or if you don't want (or can't) install the API by yourself, PM me.