UUIDSpoof - Fix 4.1

Fix the UUID Spoofing with this plugin!

  1. Now compatible with BetterNick!

  2. New version 4.0! Fixed the bypass exploit and more improvements!

    Complete Changelog:
    • Complete code rewrite.
    • Fixed the exploit that could permit the bypass of the plugin.
    • Now the BungeeConnector is no longer needed! You can put the jar directly on your Spigot servers and don't worry about that! :)
    • Better code style
    • Minor improvements
    Thanks in advance for waiting. :)
  3. Version 3.1 - Bug fixes!

    • Fixed an issue on Bungee-Connector which causes low ping to the online players.
    • Added FastLogin (and other plugin like this) support. Just open the config file.
    • Added Metrics to the plugin to track stats.
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  4. The last update (i hope).

    I know, i know, you have waited too much time for this. But now i'm here.

    Here's the version 3.0.

    • Plugin completely rewrited
    • Message file (Now you can translate every message)
    • "space-character (0x20)" error has been fixed!
    • Now the plugin will determine if the server is online or offline mode automatically even if it uses BungeeCord!
    • Exempt list, now you can add a nick-list that will not be checked for UUID Spoofing
    I expect a lot of...
  5. Another big update!

    Hello, as you can see i'm not dead! :)

    Here's a new big (reccomendend) update for UUIDSpoof - Fix which improves security.

    - Removed PlayerJoinEvent which was unsafe.
    + Added PlayerLoginEvent, which is more safe than PlayerJoinEvent.
    + Improved MySQL support and logging (Now you can see the complete log report for a player/uuid)

    Thanks to everyone who is supporting this plugin everyday :)

    Kind Regards,
    - Pirro
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  6. Another update!

    + Has been added a online-mode module, to prevent the uuid spoofing on premium servers.
    - The check with the web API for offline UUIDs has been COMPLETELY removed. (Special thanks to @IsmaelHG )
  7. A big update!

    Hello guys! :) After some months, here is a big (and needed) update of this plugin.

    What is changed:
    + The code has been completely rewritten.
    + The old API has been changed with a one more stable, and the check is being done by the new UUIDFetcher class. (Thanks to http://tools.glowingmines.eu/)
    + Has been added a MySQL Support to log the spoofed UUIDs to a database. (You can check it with /uuidfix check)
    + Now you can use this plugin on BungeeCord! :) The BungeeCord version has...
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  8. New updates!

    That's what is changed:

    + Now you can disable the join-msg in the config
    + Added the command /uuidfix about
    + Changed the style of messages