UwUPunishments (Actually tiny) 2.2

Tiny and simple punishments plugin for admins.

  1. SQL support, bug fixes, and probably more.

    I fixed some bugs baby.
    Also, just as a little side note, MySQL is now supported, just encase that's of any interest...

    Config changes here.
  2. Fixed bugs.

    Fixed bugs:
    - /forgive being weird.
    - /checkvl giving error and getting wrong things.
    - probably other stuff I forgot to mention.
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  3. Recode of the plugin and a few bug fixes.

    I recoded the plugin.
    A fixed a few bugs, renamed a few commands, and stomped on a few bugs.
    Bugs fixed:
    - not being able to forgive offline players.
    - hopefully a bug where you can't use "yes/true" randomly.
    - not replacing %reason% in the logs.
    - actually removed /weload from the plugins.yml this time.

    I haven't added SQL yet, but it will be coming very soon. I have sorta-ish-not-really implemented it (like in the main class), but it doesn't do anything yet.

    Changed /pu to /pns and /fo...
  4. Added Metrics and should support most version of Minecraft!

    The file is quite a bit bigger because of the Metrics.
    This plugin should support most versions of Minecraft. Please tell me if there's a version that gets errors.

    Thanks for using UwUPunishments. <3
  5. Used wrong java jdk.

    Used wrong java jdk. Fixed it now.
  6. It's maven now! And it's tiny!

    It's maven and it's smaller. The jar itself has shrunk and it's a bit cleaner in my opinion. Also made JavaDoc. I don't wanna bother getting a host, so I just uploaded it here.
  7. Fixed stuff, better logging system and better config.

    Removed /weload as it wasn't working and I have no idea as to why. :/
    Made a better config.
    Fixed a few issues.
    I will hopefully add an API in the next update.

    Config changes here.
  8. Multiple commands per vl

    You can do multiple cmds per vl now!
    If you already have commands down, just make it work by doing this. For example from

    '0': unmute %player%


    - unmute %player%

    Please tell me of any issues, thanks.

    Config changes here.
  9. Punishment and Forgive commands in config and exempt perm

    Prevents anyone from changing your punishment level.
    Permission: uwu.pu.exempt

    Added more stuff to the config.

    Config changes here.
  10. I messed something up so I fixed it XD