V10Lift 2.0 [Continuation of V10Lift] 0.7.3

A realistic lift plugin for Spigot!

  1. stijnb1234
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    V10lator, ShinyQuagsire, SBDeveloper
    Languages Supported:
    You can change every message in the config.
    V10Lift 2.0
    Create realistic elevators in minecraft!

    Pay attention! This is based on the V10Lift plugin on Bukkit. Big credits to that developer!
    The 0.5+ builds are not compatible with the 0.4.x builds. Please remove the files if you upgrade.

    Example gif of the block-door system

    Example of the real-door system

    What can you do with V10Lift?
    With V10Lift you can create realistic elevators in Minecraft. They really move up and down. You can add buttons to call it, an offline lever, an emergency stair, and much more!

    How to use V10Lift?
    1. Build the elevator itself (i.e. the blocks). Also, build the cabin.
    2. Place a sign in the cabin with [V10Lift] on line one, and for the rest nothing.
    3. Do /v10lift create and click on all blocks of the cabine and on the sign you just placed in the cabin.
    4. Do /v10lift create <name> to give the elevator a name and enter edit mode.
    5. Add a floor with /v10lift floor add <Number>. Make sure you are at the right height. Repeat step 5 for all the floors.
    6. Optionally add a door (for each floor). Do this with /v10lift door, click on all blocks of the door and do /v10lift door again.
    7. Optionally add an input (for each floor). Place a button, and do /v10lift input add (at the right height of the floor). Then click on the button (and NOT the block behind it).
    8. Optionally add an emergency staircase. Build the stairs outside the cabin. Do /v10lift rope add, click on the beginning and end points of the stairs.
    9. Optionally add an offline input. Place a lever, and do /v10lift offline add. Then click on the lever (and NOT the block behind it).
    10. Ready! You can do some optional things, but the elevator is now set up. Run /v10lift edit again (but without a name) to save the lift and take it out of maintenance.
    • /v10lift create [Name] - Create a new elevator.
    • /v10lift delete <Name> - Delete an elevator.
    • /v10lift rename <Name> <New name> - Rename an elevator.
    • /v10lift abort - Abort your current action.
    • /v10lift whois [Name] - See information about an elevator.
    • /v10lift edit [Name] - Edit the whole elevator.
    • /v10lift floor add/del/rename <Name> [New name] - Add/Del a floor.
    • /v10lift input add/del [Floorname] - Add/Remove an input.
    • /v10lift offline add/del [Floorname] - Add/Remove an offline input.
    • /v10lift build - Add blocks to the cabin of the elevator.
    • /v10lift rope add/del - Add/Remove an emergency stair.
    • /v10lift door - Add/Remove a door.
    • /v10lift speed - Set the speed of an elevator.
    • /v10lift realistic - Toggle realistic mode
    • /v10lift repair - Repair an elevator (if enabled).
    • /v10lift whitelist add/del <Player/Group> [Floorname] - Add/Remove players to/from the whitelist of a floor. Use g:<GroupName> for groups.
    • /v10lift start [Name] [Floor] - Start a lift.
    • /v10lift stop [Name] - Stop a lift.
    • /v10lift reload - Clear all queues and reload the config file.
    • /v10lift help - Get the help list.
    • v10lift.build - Build new elevators.
    • v10lift.repair - Repair an elevator.
    • v10lift.admin - Edit/Delete every elevator and move to whitelisted floors without being whitelisted.
    • v10lift.reload - Reload the plugin.
    • v10lift.disable - Disable elevators.
    • v10lift.start - Start elevators WITH the command.
    • v10lift.stop - Stop elevators WITH the command.
    Other information:
    Enable defective lifts:
    You can configure your lifts to get defective. To do that set the DefectRate higher than 0. The rate is the chance of the lift to get defective at every move, that means if you set it to 100 your lift won't move anymore cause it gets defective instantly.

    Repair defective lifts:
    If you use output signs, one of the signs will show something abnormal whenever the lift is defective. To repair it, a user with the permissions has to right click on that sign either in creative mode or with 5 pieces of redstone in his hand. The amount and the item are configurable too.

    If you don't use output signs or want your repairers to be able to repair the lifts by command they have to have the permissions. Also, they have to have 10 diamonds in their inventory. The amount and the item are configurable too.

    Realistic mode:
    You can toggle the realistic mode for every lift. If the mode is enabled the lift will wait a short time before closing the doors at a floor. Also, it doesn't close the door as long as an entity is at the door way.

    The door closes automatically after some seconds if in realistic mode. The amount of seconds is configurable (DoorCloseTime).


    Attention! This plugin is owned by SBDeveloper and may not be resold or posted anywhere else.

    Ideas, tips, bugs, ...? Send a private message to SBDeveloper or react in the Discussion!
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Recent Reviews

  1. CraftBlack
    Version: 0.7.3
    please update 1.18 .
    1. stijnb1234
      Author's Response
      It already works for 1.18. There will be a small update soon to support the new blocks in 1.18 tho.
  2. Rover23
    Version: 0.7.3
    Nice plugin as always, most of SB's plugins are really good especially the vehicles and this is a nice free plugin.
    1. stijnb1234
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  3. Bossbirdyman51
    Version: 0.7.2
    Very good, but i can't use, i don't understand i want to create lift can you pm me ? ^^ Or can i pm you ?
    1. stijnb1234
      Author's Response
      You can just send me a message. There is a tutorial on the plugin page.
  4. lasen94
    Version: 0.7.2
    works grate thank you for this awesome plugin :D :D :D
    1. stijnb1234
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  5. James_Bach
    Version: 0.6
    First i Love this Plugin so much :D

    I Test it now on an 1.16.1 Test Server for my Main Server.
    But i get at Server Start this "Warn" https://pastebin.com/VVuJ7drU
    I hope you can fix this :) Everything is working but i dont like Red Warns/Errors in my Console. :)

    Greetings :)
    1. stijnb1234
      Author's Response
      Whoops! Will look into it. ;)
  6. SlimeDog
    Version: 0.5.1
    Fantastic. The commands could be better documented (see several notes in the discussion), but once you get it working, it is amazing. Thanks for re-introducing this to Spigot.
    1. stijnb1234
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!
  7. GameFreakBaree
    Version: 0.4.15
    Zou deze plugin ook voor 1.14 compatible mogen zijn?
    1. stijnb1234
      Author's Response
      Ik ben er druk mee bezig, maar het file systeem is op dit moment zo geschreven dat hij werkt met de oude IDs en data en dit moet ik omzetten naar Materials. Ik zal hiervoor een nieuw systeem moeten schrijven, en dit zal ik zo snel mogelijk doen.
  8. JongenOpEenSpel
    Version: 0.4.15
    Leuke en goede plugin, werkt perfect zoals het moet. Weeral een goede plguin van SBD.
    1. stijnb1234