V10Lift 2.0 [Continuation of V10Lift] 0.7.3

A realistic lift plugin for Spigot!

  1. v0.7.3 || Bumped versions

    • Added support for Spigot 1.17 and Minecraft 1.17 blocks
    • Bumped to Java 11 (this release drops Java 8 support!)
    • Improved stability and made code more optimized
  2. v0.7.2 || Bugfixes

    • Moved XSeries to Maven (and bumped version)
    • Updated the UpdateManager to new version
    • Changed the ConfigUpdater
    • General bugfixes
  3. v0.7.1 || Bugfix

    • Fixed main class error
  4. v0.7 || 1.16 support and bugfixes

    • 1.16.x support added (materials)
    • Signtext can now be edited. Old lifts will not migrate, but it will work for the new lifts ;)
  5. v0.6 | A lot of fixes, and added 1.16 support.

    • A lot of bugfixes with the message system
    • Added 1.16 support (for the new materials)
    • Moved util system into the plugin
  6. v0.5.7 || Bugfixes

    • Added real door support
    • Added messages.yml file, for translating purposes
    • Fixed some minor things
  7. v0.5.6 || Bugfixes

    • Fixed tabcompleter (now working for subcommands)
    • Made subcommands start, stop, repair, disable and whois non-player available.
    • Removed unneeded randomnizer system for defective lifts
    • Added funding bypass for repair command (v10lift.admin)
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  8. v0.5.5 || Added abort command and bugfixes

    • Fixed adventure left click working half
    • Fixed permissions
    • Added non-player commands for reload and disable. Will be added for start, stop, repair and whois in the next release.
    • Fixed offline inputs not working correctly
  9. v0.5.4 || Bugfixes

    • Moved to GSON for better and faster JSON <-> Object conversion.
    • Fixed group based whitelist (vault needed). /v10lift whitelist add/del g:<GroupName>
    • Fixed controlling the lift in adventure with the sign
    • Some minor fixes
  10. v0.5.3 || Bugfixes

    • Fixed start & stop commands
    • Fixed HikariCP issues