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Detects tommorows cheats | All in one anticheat solution for your server

  1. onEnabledChan
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Nort721, FlyC(h)ode, MrCraftGoo & TheWoosh
    Vagmemes is a anticheat which got a little bit of everything, perfect for every server. Vagmemes is a very sensitive anticheat so false positives is expected.
    Vagmemes unlike most other anticheats uses both velocity and position differences to detect unusual movement behaviour, Which enhances the checks and makes them even better. Vagmemes has been in development since the beginning of April.


    So what can Vagmemes detect so far?
    The list is huge, so take a look yourself!

    Every check is marked with a box after it.

    ☐ = Done (Some of these may change in further updates)
    ☐ = Somewhat stable and almost done
    ☐ = Needs some more work
    ☐ = Unstable
    None = Null
    • Scaffold ☐
    • AimAssist / Aimbot
    • FightSpeed
    • MultiAura
    • WallHit
    • Reach
    • Heuristics - Beta
    • Regen
    • Criticals
    • FallTime
    • Ghost
    • Glide
    • HopModifications
    • Jesus
    • NoFall
    • NormalMovements
    • NoSlowDown
    • SneakSpeed
    • Speed
    • WebFloat / WebSpeed
    • BadPackets
    • VClip
    • Step
    • HClip
    • Spider
    • Float
    • OnGround Spoof
    • FastFall
    • BHop
    • ClickTeleport
    • FastLadder
    • Slowhop
    • Ascension
    • Motion Modifiers
    • InventoryClick (FastClick,Repeat & ChestStealer etc)
    • InventoryWalk
    • PingSpoof (Extremely Unstable)
    • Blink
    • Headless
    • WorldEdit crash exploit
    • ForceOP
    • Sudo
    • Godmode
    • Ghost
    • InvalidMove
    • Server Crashers
    • Timer
    • AntiSpam
    • AntiAdvertising
    • AntiBotSpam
    • Profanity

    This is not a complete list. Vagmemes may also detect some other similar cheats other than the mentioned once.

    %prefix% %player% failed %cheat%(vl:-%violation%) %cheat_description% (tps:-%tps%)

    Cheat blockage explanation 50+ checks
    • Glide: This check will prevent players from falling slower than they would usually do.
    • FallTime: This check prevents players from being in air longer than usually
    • NoFall: This check prevents clients from telling the server that they are onground while being in air.
    • NoSlowDown: This check prevents a client from sending to many blocking packets to the server.
    • Speed: This check prevents a player from running faster than usually.
    • InventoryClick: This check prevents players from taking items from inventories to quickly or at the same ms.
    • InventoryMove: This check prevents players from clicking in there inventory while either sprinting on sneaking.
    • Velocity/NoKnockback: This check checks if a player deals 0% knockback under a pvp fight.
    • InvalidMove: This check prevents players from moving too quickly, this prevents crash exploits that uses positions as a vulnurability source.
    • Ascension: This check prevents players from going over the ground limit.
    • Jesus: This check prevents players from walking on water.
    More explanations coming soon.

    • vagmemes.log (Too receive violation logs from Vagmemes)
    • vagmemes.accuarcy (To change the anticheat accuarcy, usage "/accuarcy") OUTDATED! Needs some optimization!
    • vagmemes.bypass (To bypass the checks)

    We care about peoples opinions!
    I know I know that the detections sounds great but think of this before. Vagmemes have got several known bugs that has not been resolved yet.

    • Potions: Vagmemes currently does NOT support any sort of potion, ex: speed & jumpboost. (Somewhat resolved in 15.093-Alpha)
    • PvP Knockback: In some knockback scenarios it may flag for glide, No worries : Thats just our damage fly protection. (Somewhat resolved in 15.09-Beta)
    • Stair boosting: As it sounds :/ (Somewhat resolved in 15.09-Beta)
    • Snowlayer: Jumping on snowlayers flags for all sort of detections. (Somewhat resolved in 15.09-Beta)
    • FallTime: False flag while falling (Resolved)
    • SlimeBlock: Sometimes when you fall on a slimeblock from a high distance you get false kicked (Made check better in 15.023)
    • Vines: No vine support yet (Resolved in 15.09-Beta)
    • Ice: False flags on ice (Somewhat resolved in 15.26)


    • Java 8
    • Version 1.8.8 (Lower and higher has not been tested yet)
    • A server thats not ran on your IoT toaster.

    • Potion support - Almost completely done
    • Custom kick messages
    • Custom alert messages - Added in 15.093-Alpha
    • Better combat cheat detection
    • Snowlayer bug fix - Less bugs in 15.09-Beta
    • Optimized code

    • Umaru
    • Lupin
    • Flux
    • Nino
    • Wurst
    • LiquidBounce
    • Anti-German


    • 250 Downloads ✓ <3
    The plugin is not obfuscated, look inside it.
    Remember: If you're going to use anything provided in the anticheat source just remember to credit me.

    Heavily edited version of this

    Please don't use reviews to report bugs and problems.
    For assistance, support, bugs, bypasses & false positives join our Discord here
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Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: 15.27
    holy crap the falses are horrible almost all the checks false flag i tried it on my anticheat test map and like over 10 checks falsed
  2. Zanu
    Version: 15.27
    Why You Guys Are So Toxic? Make Your Brain Work And Stop Saying it doesn't work if your brain is so damaged and think you can make a better anticheat go code one and then tell him the anticheat is not good im sure you cant even code a /hello command... think before you review a plugin kids
  3. Psychonatic
    Version: 15.27
    does not work corecctly.......................................................................
  4. oneaddictions
    Version: 15.27
    all checks false.............................................................................
  5. SquareCode
    Version: 15.27
    1. onEnabledChan
      Author's Response
      Wow. Negative review only cuz i made a bad review on ur plugin. Grow up.
  6. qsxzaqq
    Version: 15.26
    very vry bad ac, full of false posits.
    easy bypass checks................................
    1. onEnabledChan
      Author's Response
  7. Chrille332
    Version: 15.26
    Lol to anyone who says the code is stolen: the plugin is open source, the author gave credit and the person that he got the code from is okay with it
  8. Kaczuc
    Version: 15.25-Beta
    I found an error on version 1.12.2 antycheat displays the message Regen when I have full hp and attack me with a spider
    1. onEnabledChan
      Author's Response
      Sorry bout that! Thanks for the 5 star review <3
  9. YuetAu
    Version: 15.25-Beta
    Well done for the plugin! [+1 like]
    But I am not sure about whether use on a 1.12.2 server [-1 like]
    Hope you can test for them [+1000 likes]
    1. onEnabledChan
      Author's Response
      I am pretty sure It wont work for 1.12.2, Sorry for that! :(
  10. thebbduf33
    Version: 15.24
    O.M.G: This is one of the best Anti-cheat systems that I have EVER come across as a free resource. The Amount of Cheats and Exploits that it can detect is unreal! Thank you so much. I would DEFINITELY purchase this, if you where to provide this as A Premium plugin.
    1. onEnabledChan
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot <3, Haha :D.