Valentine 2.1

Get a Valentine this Valentine's Day!

  1. xFatherNature
    Make sure you aren't lonely this Valentine's Day and ask someone to be your Valentine on your server.

    /valentine help: Lists all commands.
    /valentine: Returns your Valentine.
    /valentine [player]: Returns the player's Valentine.
    /valentine ask [player]: Requests a player to be their Valentine.
    /valentine accept [player]: Accepts a player's request.
    /valentine deny [player]: Denies a player's request.
    /valentine remove: Removes your Valentine.
    /valentine list: Returns all Valentines on the server.
    /valentine requests: Returns all pending requests.

    No permissions. Just drag and drop.

    Happy Valentine's Day!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Evan52098
    Version: 2.1
    This will be a great plugin for us when we release our server today, thank you very much.
    1. xFatherNature