ValhallaMMO Early Alpha release ~ Advanced Skills ~ Skill Trees ~ Custom Recipes & Enchanting ALPHA-1.3

MMO-like leveling inspired by Skyrim/Oblivion. Keep your players playing for longer

  1. Athlaeos
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Languages Supported:
    Full translation support, but built-in support coming in the future
    Video showcasing the plugin so far, gonna make a higher quality video in the future


    Some examples of items you can make with the plugin:
    upload_2021-8-2_14-36-0.png upload_2021-8-2_14-39-14.png upload_2021-9-11_13-10-2.png upload_2021-9-11_13-11-8.png


    1. upload_2021-8-2_14-33-3.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Noiverre
    Version: ALPHA-1.3
    Good luck with the plugin development. Looking forward to see what it will become.
  2. Sidias
    Version: ALPHA-1.3
    Wow really, thats a huge and massive project.

    The features are really what i dream of. Thx a lot for that incredible work.
    Such a cool and nice plugin.

    I really hope you never give it up =).
    1. Athlaeos
  3. xiongliu
    Version: ALPHA-1.2
    Awesome plugin! Never had any issues with it whatsoever. Amazing Developer. keep at it!
    1. Athlaeos
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it
  4. Pukejoys
    Version: ALPHA-1.1
    Amazing! This is the only word that I can describe this plugin with. The Author definitely have put a lot of work in. I hope to see more regular updates and new stuff getting implemented into this plugin. In my opinion the future of this plugin is bright and I hope that it doesn't get abandoned like some other resources.
    1. Athlaeos
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! I'm finalizing the alchemy skill at the moment, which was probably the biggest/hardest of the skills to implement. The rest of the skills should be a lot more straightforward to add. Expect some updates in the weeks to come
  5. Mage_oof_Destine
    Version: ALPHA_1.0
    This looks amazing, and I am really excited to try it out. But when I put it on my spigot 1.16.5 server, I can't shift rightclick with an empty hand on any of the crafting stations, and when I run the command /valhalla skils it says, "An internal error has occurred while attempting to perform this command". After looking at the console it says its a stack overflow error. Pleas help fix, I really want to enjoy your awesome plugin.
    1. Athlaeos
      Author's Response
      Could you post the exact error in the discussions page, along with what versions and the type of server you're wanting to run it on?
  6. B4m1237
    Version: ALPHA_1.0
    Looks awesome! Dev puts a lot of work into their plugins and makes a huge effort to fix any bugs reported asap, highly recommend!
    1. Athlaeos
      Author's Response
      I very much appreciate the review
  7. RazorPlay
    Version: ALPHA_1.0
    It does not look bad at all I suggest that it be added in a future CustomModelData support to be able to add custom textures I hope they keep updating it and adding new options
    1. Athlaeos
      Author's Response
      You already can? You'll need to make a resource pack. It's not possible via plugins to add textures directly. I'll be providing a premade resource pack eventually, but for now you'll have to do that manually if you really want