vAliasFilter Build #150

Clear your command aliase up with vAliasFilter! Option to remove: <Plugin>:<Command> aliases!

  1. Vaksdk
    NoFallbackAliases | vAliasFilter

    Be aware:
    I have moved on from Spigot and Minecraft therefore this project won't be developed further.

    How it started:
    It all started with Bukkit adding so all Commands got a fallback aliases
    All Commands hade/has a fallbackalias. Here's a example: Spigot:tps
    Becuase of that i made this plugin and to remove these fallbackalias and here we are.

    Don't need all the extras? Try NoFallbackAliases

    Why use this plugin:
    • Option to clean up <Plugin>:<Command> aliases
    • Option to remove custom aliases
    • Option to remove Questionmark Help (/?)
    • Standalone, no other plugins are used to work
    • Working witout configuration
    • Remove aliases or commands you don't like!
    • Full control nothing you can't do. Need a config option say it
    • Comply remove aliases! (Alias will not exits after startup)
    • The Best plugin for the job (As i know, if you find a better just say)

    1. Download vAliasFilter.jar
    2. Put vAliasFilter.jar into your plugins folder.
    3. Restart or reload your server (Restart is best)
    4. (Optimal) Edit the config to be more nice.
    5. Then vAliasFilter will automatically remove bad aliases.

    • Add Config - IN BUILD #43+
    • Add option to define custom bad prefixes -IN BUILD #43+
    • Fix debug allways enabled! -IN BUILD #150+
    • When using 'removeQuestionmarkHelp' config option the plugin blocks commands with only one character
    • BungeeCord Version.
    • Recode/Remake?
    • Add option to filter Essentials aliases.
    • Push to Github

Recent Reviews

  1. SandmanPlays
    Version: Build #150
    must-have plugin for bukkit and spigot and no doubt the best plugin for this job :) ......................
  2. Fabricio20
    Version: Build #150
    Very good plugin, this should be a must-have plugin for bukkit! :)
    1. Vaksdk
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Happy you like it.