Vampire 2.14.0

Anyone can become a vampire, but do you want to?

  1. Cayorion
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    Cayorion, Madus, Ulumulu1510
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    What is Vampire?
    Ancient powers of true light and darkness have awoken. Through the use of altars these powers tap into our dimension, in recent times the darkness has gained a stronger connection. It spreads as an infectious disease that only the altars of light and holy water can cure. Those who embrace the dark disease are granted the powerful curse of Vampirism.

    Anyone can become a vampire, but do you want to? During daytime vampires cower from sunlight. During the night the humans reach for their holy water and wooden stakes as the vampires roam the lands with inhuman strength, speed and levitation-powers. Driven by their endless bloodlust, they devour all living in their way.

    • are destroyed by sunlight.
    • are extremely vulnerable to wood and holy water.
    • spreads the dark disease through combat and their own blood.
    • kill and drink blood instead of eating food.
    • regenerate health quickly at the expense of food-level.
    • won’t be attacked by monsters unless the vampire attacks first.
    • take no fall- or suffocation-damage.
    • have stationary food level unless in bloodlust mode.
    • move faster, jump higher and damage more with bloodlust.
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Recent Updates

  1. 2.14.0
  2. 2.13.7
  3. 2.13.6

Recent Reviews

  1. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 2.14.0
  2. Mayor_Mike
    Version: 2.14.0
    If you manually compile the plugin it appears to work just fine but seems to conflict a little with EssentialsX. When both are installed, it seems to cause Mobs moments to stutter and initially drop the server's TPS for a short while. Alone, these plugins work fine. Sadly I don't know enough about Java or the way either plugins are coded to fix this myself.
  3. Dracathio
    Version: 2.14.0
    Plugin does not produce yml files, and from what I've seen on the developers profile, they haven't done anything for the past 12 weeks. Sad but true.
  4. Nametagged
    Version: 2.13.7
    I think this plugin is really great, though, it doesn't seem to generate the .yml s
  5. alvaronegredo
    Version: 2.13.6
    This plugin is in dire need of a per-world settings. its very annoying that the vampire effects are active on all worlds throughout. can you please give us option to make it disable in some worlds? : (
  6. morgantaylore
    Version: 2.13.6
    Great plugin! Ignore these low ratings. They probably didn't read the documentation. I can confirm it is working with EssentialsX for me. If they are using only Essentials that is probably why they have bugs. I love this plugin. It's perfect for an rpg server like the one I'm working on. I would like to see some new features though like the bat form mentioned below. Thanks for all your hard work guys.
  7. Altair1231
    Version: 2.13.6
    Just the time past and we are over 3 years without any new content(like the bat form)
  8. rdmorigen
    Version: 2.13.2
    Horrible, so much bugs, conflicts, even with essentials, so i just ... well... just... i not even know what to say so... horrible...
  9. Koolaid5000
    Version: 2.10.0
    Horrible plugin. Tons of bugs. The author is not responding to any PM. Nor does he care about the ones who report bugs. This plugin is a pure mess. Poor documentation. No placeholders, no new features. Nothing new, just a old boring plugin updated for 1.11
    1. Cayorion
      Author's Response
  10. Hmmcrunchy
    Version: 2.10.0
    brill plugin as are all the massivecraft ones excellently programmed and great for rpg servers :D thanks guys