Vampires [1.8 - 1.16+] v1.6.1

Vampiric Supernatural Powers - Perfect for Survival and RPG servers!

  1. Update 1.6.1 (Minor Fixes!)

    - added some code that removes the players' vampire abilities if it isn't night (and powers only at night option is enabled in the config).

    - added proper load and unload plugin messages to the console!
  2. Update 1.6 (Minor Changes & Update to 1.16+!)

    - Updated the spigot-api version so Vampires now supports servers on 1.16+ !

    - Changed how the plugin selects the time of the world by getting the world the player is in instead of the normal overworld, "world".
  3. Update 1.5.1 (Small Fix!)

    - added some code to remove all current vampiric effects when the sun comes up, so that the Vampires don't get the super jump in the day if the powers only at night boolean is set to true :)
  4. Update v1.5 (Help & More Options!)

    - added a /vhelp command which shows you the help pages for Vampires.

    - added a “” permission node so that players can use the /vhelp command.

    - added the option in the config to set it so players can only use their vampiric power commands at night! (This can be turned on or off)

    - added a only-at-night message which shows up only if the config option to let players use their powers at night is toggled true.
  5. Update v1.4 (Enabled Worlds & more Abilities!)

    - added a sunburn effect so that players with the permission “vampires.sunburn” will set fire if they go outside during the day.

    - added a nightprowl ability so that players with the permission “vampires.nightprowl” will get a health boost and regeneration during the nighttime.

    - added EnabledWorlds section to the config, so that you can disable the powers in certain worlds.

    - added a “disabled-worlds” message to the config, so that you can set the message that shows when the player tries...
  6. Update 1.3 (Major Config Upgrade!)

    - added a /vfeed command which drains and absorbs the life-force of a target player!

    - implemented a cool down for the /vfeed command which can now be set in the config!

    - completely re-written the config to look a lot better and have a lot more info & options!
  7. Update 1.2

    - Added a whole new invisibility power that players with the correct permissions can toggle on/off!

    - Changed the custom config. reload message.
  8. Update v1.1

    - Minor bug fixes. It should all work perfectly now!

    - changed the api-version from 1.14.4 to 1.15.2