Vanilla MC UIs [ItemsAdder Add-on] 1.3.0

A tedious recreation of various GUIs for basic Chest GUIs.

  1. Andre_601

    This add-on for ItemsAdder brings you a variety of vanilla GUIs to use.
    The goal is to provide an easy way to create example GUIs (i.e. crafting recipes) without the need of using dedicated GUI types and their limitations.

    The Zip comes with some example YAML files that you can use in the ChestCommands Fork of LoneDev.

    Available Items and font images:
    A full list of all available items and font images can be found on my website:

    1. Download the Zip file
    2. Extract the content from the data folder
    3. Upload the content to plugins/ItemsAdder/data
    4. Run /iazip to update the resource pack
      1. If you use an external host, upload the new zip file to it and update the download link in ItemAdder's config.yml
      2. Reload ItemsAdder with /iareload and apply the textures with /iatexture all