VanillaEnchants 1.2

Set your own vanilla-ish enchantment level limits

  1. Koenrad
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Vanilla Enchants
    VanillaEnchants is a Minecraft server plugin for Bukkit/Spigot that modifies the level cap of enchantments created by combining items on an anvil. For example if you combine two diamond pickaxes, each with Efficiency V, you get a pickaxe with Efficiency VI.

    Vanilla Enchants has been tested on [code single]Minecraft 1.14.4[/code] using Spigot

    Why does this exist?
    I created this plugin because I was unsatisfied with the alternative options for custom enchants. In my opinion, the quality of a plugin has a direct relation to how many chat commands it registers. This plugin is designed to be intuitive to the player and merely augment existing game mechanics. There are no chat commands, and as of now no permissions.

    - Combining items in an anvil with the same enchantment level will increase the enchantment by 1 (up to the custom limit)
    - The item in the left slot will always be the resulting item. This allows players to put enchants into a book.
    - Enchantments that don't normally go on an item can be used (Ex. Efficiency on a helmet)
    - Books can enchant ANY item (not necessarily intended, but not up to doing that extra logic at the moment)
    - The cost of combining enchants on a book is equal to the sum total of all levels on the resulting book.
    - Ex: Book 1 has Looting IV, Book 2 has Power II, the cost to combine them would be (4 + 2) = 6

    Copy the built jar file to <your_server_directory>/plugins/

    After you run the server for the first time after installation a config file will be created at <your_server_directory>/plugins/VanillaEnchants/config.yml

    The config file is where you set the limits for each enchantment. Using the debug flag, you can find the Minecraft name of any new enchantments that may be introduced to the game in future versions.

    Default Config

    Code (Text):
    # VanillaEnchants Configuration File
    # About editing this file:
    # - DO NOT USE TABS. You MUST use spaces or Bukkit will complain and log errors.
    # - If you want to check the format of this file before using it,
    #   use to validate it.
    # - Lines starting with # are comments, and will be ignored.

    # You can disable the plugin with this value
    enable_vanilla_enchants: "true"  # "true" or "false"

    # Set this to "true" to find any unknown enchantment names
    # The enchantment names of each enchantment on the resulting item will be
    # output to the console, so an easy way to find it would be to combine two books.
    debug: "false"

    # By default VanillaEnchants will use the default enchant limits as seen below. (as of 1.14.4)
    # To set a limit to infinity (or rather, MAX_INT), comment out the entry by
    # putting a '#' at the beginning of the line (or deleted the line)
    # If a new enchantment is added to minecraft, you just need to add the enchantment's
    # minecraft name/id below to set the limit as desired. (use debug flag to find it!)
    # Setting the limits lower than the defaults will not affect enchantments from
    # the enchantment table.
    # The only thing affected is the anvil repair/combine mechanic. Enchantments will
    # not be removed or lowered if the limit is lower that the items current level, it
    # will simply not be possible to upgrade that enchantment.

    # If you wanted to disable upgrading an enchantment's level you can set the limit to 1 (or 0)
    # this could be fun for a more "hardcore" vanilla experience.

      aqua_affinity: 1
      bane_of_arthropods: 5
      blast_protection: 4
      channeling: 1
      binding_curse: 1       # this is Curse of Binding
      vanishing_curse: 1     # this is Curse of Vanishing
      depth_strider: 3
      efficiency: 5
      feather_falling: 4
      fire_aspect: 2
      fire_protection: 4
      flame: 1
      fortune: 3
      frost_walker: 2
      imaling: 5
      infinity: 1
      knockback: 2
      looting: 3
      loyalty: 3
      luck_of_the_sea: 3
      lure: 3
      mending: 1
      multishot: 1
      piercing: 4
      power: 5
      projectile_protection: 4
      protection: 4
      punch: 2
      quick_charge: 3
      respiration: 3
      riptide: 3
      sharpness: 5
      silk_touch: 1
      smite: 5
      sweeping: 3            # this is Sweeping Edge
      thorns: 3
      unbreaking: 3
    Known Issues/Idiosyncrasies
    - If you shift click the resulting item, sometimes it will appear to have been duplicated (duplicate item disappears when interacting with it)
    - An enchanting book can be applied to ANY item.
    - If a player is in survival mode, and a repair costs more than 40 levels, the UI shows "TOO EXPENSIVE" (a chat message is sent to the player stating the actual cost). The repair still goes through

    Pull requests are welcome!

    HELP I found a bug!
    Good work! Create an issue on GitHub and I will look into it as soon as I can.
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Recent Reviews

  1. DC_Wong
    Version: 1.2
    Works better than anything else that I can find for my use! Being just using this for a small smp with me and my friends this really helps us out thankyou
  2. xRebellion
    Version: 1.2
    Did not use this plugin because I needed a different functionality -- but the source code helps me save time by a lot! There are some issues that bothers me that's probably worth mentioning:
    - Putting the items directly in the inventory instead of the cursor is okay, but feels weird (personal taste, perhaps)
    - You did not (or forgot to) filter which items your plugin handle in the InventoryClickEvent (Repairing a diamond pickaxe with one stack of diamond ends up eating all the diamonds)
    Apart from that your code helped me to learn quickly on how anvil is handled. Thank you!
  3. iCaitlyn
    Version: 1.2
    Working wonderfully so far on 1.15.2, and is free, unlike a similar paid resource on another site with less strict guidelines on premium resources that had been rather riddled with bugs.
  4. tacocoma
    Version: 1.2
    Plugin works great. Really nice function to have for what im working on. If I could suggest a few things, I really really need a way to make this world specific (I know im probably the only person and Id be happy to support you in order to make this happen!), toggling features such as turning off the any-item-any-enchant system or turning off the combining items feature so that the limits only apply to books, and a simple /vanillaenchants reload command to reload the config :) other than that, im really happy with this find and its working pretty good for the project I needed it for! Thank you
  5. Das45
    Version: 1.2
    This plugin works perfectly for my needs, simple and effective. Able to satisfy anvil enchant combining. Thank you.
    1. Koenrad
      Author's Response
      I'm glad it fits your needs! Let me know if you find any major issues (best place to do this is github). Enjoy!
  6. Favicioh
    Version: 1.2
    I am sincere, I think like you, I do not know how anyone came up with before unlocking the limits of enchantments in a simple, fast, and without so many complications. The truth I congratulate you, and I will be using it, so any failure or error, I will please let you know. Good job! Hug!
    1. Koenrad
      Author's Response
      I was surprised that there was not already a good solution as well! Thank you, your feedback is much appreciated :).