VanillaFeatures 0.1

adds Features there Vanilla like

  1. xIrinaShaykx
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    What is VanillaFeatures?
    VanillaFeatures adds commands like teleport, gm, god, fly and a few more features.

    /gm <0,1,2,3> [player] changes gamemode :)
    /god [player] activate or deactivate godmode
    /fly [player] activate or deactivate flymode
    /gamerule opens a GUI where u can enable or disable gamrules or put an Integer with the AnvilGUI from WesJD
    /teleport <player> [player] teleports you to a player or a player to someone else [Alias:tp]
    /chatclear clear the chat and displays the name who it was[​IMG]
    /sit you can sit everywhere u want including right clicking slabs and stairs
    /msg <player> <message> customized msg messages
    /r reply to private messages
    /enderchest open your enderchest from far away [Alias:ec]
    /workbech opens a portable workbench [Alias:wb]
    /hat set your held item as helmet
    /head <playername> get every player head with this command

    you can sit on stairs and slabs. (or you can use /sit)
    you can color your armor, tools or an item and you can use hex color codes!
    You can harvest crops easily by right clicking it.
    You can save your Farmland by putting NoCropTramplingLister on true.
    You can even put color on your signs (also supports hex color codes :) )
    When you die your coordinates are displayed in the chat

    Why should you download my Plugin?
    So every message in my plugin supports hex color codes
    and you can set every permission for commands or listeners heres my

    I am really sorry for my bad english

    For support or Ideas add me on Discord Justilein#4850

    You are not allowed to decompile it
    You are not allowed to pass this plugin as yours

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