VanillaPod 1.3

Direct Players to servers based on their client version!

  1. ZephireNZ
    Just in time for Minecraft 1.8!

    VanillaPod is a Bungee plugin designed for servers that want to both allow their players access to 1.8, but also keep access to 1.7 for legacy clients.

    For example: you want your players to be able to access all of the new features of 1.8, but keep 1.7 intact for players without running a protocol update. You could either use multiple server addresses (difficult for the user), or simply use this plugin!

    When a player connects to the proxy, it uses their protocol number (in essence, their client version) to decide what server to connect them to on join. From here you can direct them wherever you want using BungeeCord.

    Configuring the Plugin
    To use the plugin, place it in the BungeeCord 'plugins' folder. Run the server to generate the config file, and then stop the server.
    Under 'servers' is a list of the servers to send people to. Inside those is a list of the protocol versions that should be sent to that server. Knowing Mojang, these will more than likely be out-of-date.
    You can find the protocol numbers here (or here for snapshots) or just ask in Spigot IRC.
    There is also an option to forward the ping. This will get the ping data from the server the player would be sent to, and forwards this to the player instead of the default Bungee ping.

    The source for this plugin can be found at:
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Recent Reviews

  1. SmallSansSerif
    Version: 1.1
    Working great. Thanks!
  2. cindy_k
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome! This working great! Thank you!
  3. Shlobdon
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic plugin! I'm sure plenty of servers will be using this. Glad to see some different plugins being added into the resource list!