VanillaTweaks 0.1.12

A better-performance replacement of the popular VanillaTweaks datapack collection.

  1. Machine_Maker
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    "A better performance replacement for VanillaTweaks."

    Issues: Github
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    Wiki: Github

    Datapacks take advantage of running something called Functions, many of which run every single tick. That is just how they have to work, what this plugin does, is take all the end results of each individual datapack in VanillaTweaks, and make it much more performant.

    Each datapack/module can be individually toggled on/off for complete customization. All modules default to being disabled, so make sure you enable some!

    This plugin is still being developed! As such, there are sure to be issues found. The faster someone reports an issue to the issue tracker, the faster it is fixed.

    Currently supported packs:
    * Anti Creeper Grief
    * Anti Enderman Grief
    * Anti Ghast Grief
    * Double Shulker Shells
    * Dragon Drops
    * Larger Phantoms
    * More Mob Heads
    * Silence Mobs
    * Count Mob Deaths

    * Durability Ping
    * Redstone Wrench

    * Terracotta Wrench
    * Kill Empty Boats

    * AFK Display
    * Sethome
    * Multiplayer Sleep
    * Player Graves
    * Custom Nether
    * Thunder Shrine
    * Track Raw Statistics
    * Nether Portal Coords
    * Coordinates HUD
    * Spawning Spheres
    * Player Head Drops
    * Spectator Night Vision
    * Spectator Conduit Power
    * Tag


    * Villager Death Messages
    * Pillager Tools
    * Villager Workstation Highlighter
    * Wandering Trades

    * Persistent Heads - Prof_Bloodstone

    If you want a different data pack included, please fill out this form.

    Detailed information about configuration, or module functions, or commands can all be found at the NEW wiki over at

    If you are looking for a way to better customize Wandering Traders take a look here.
    Check out Wandering Trades by jmp. It offers more customization of various wandering trader trades.

    Credits to the original datapack:
    Vanilla Tweaks by Xisumavoid:

Recent Reviews

  1. Lord_Lofi
    Version: 0.1.12
    Phenomenal Plugin, I look forward to armor stands. This is definitely a great alternative to the datapacks!
  2. PirateBingo
    Version: 0.1.12
    Fantastic plugin, especially this early in its development! The only working version of the Tag game I've seen--the VanillaTweaks Datapacks don't work on many (all?) servers running paper. This? Works (as do all the other modules). Highly recommended.
  3. srnyx
    Version: 0.1.12
    Thanks for making this, very helpful!
    Can't wait for all of them to be done!!!! <3
  4. FoxSpellCaster
    Version: 0.1.5
    What a great idea to recreate the best datapacks as a plugin! I'm excited to try out the Tag, not many plugins for a Tag game.