Vanish 3.0 - En/It

Hide you from other players (in server tablist, physically) with Vanish mode

  1. Version 3.0 - A lot of improvements and bug fixes!!!

    Bug Fixes:
    Fixed that vanish.spy wasn't in /vanish permissions
    - Fixed that when a player logged out with vanish but without vanish.toggle permission, when he logs it still was in vanish (it can be an improvement).
    - Fixed that in some messages Vanish was in different colors
    - Fixed that {@prefix} didn't had a space after it
    - Fixed that you couldn't disable vanish mode of offline players
    - Fixed a case in players in vanish were visible...
  2. Important Bug Fixes - Important Improvements

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed that when a player wasn't in vanish, and used /vanish on another player, instead of applying invisibility to the second player, it were applied to the player that executed the command
    - Fixed /vanish list that in presence of a online player, made others after his nickname's first letter (A-Z) act as online
    Es: (all offline and in vanish, only one that is in Vanish is Sitieno14":
    Albert [OFFLINE
    Mark [OFFLINE]
    Sitieno14 [ONLINE]
    Tommy [ONLINE]
  3. Bug Fixes - Important Improvements

    Fix dei bug:
    Fixato che quando un giocatore non era in vanish, e provava a mettere in vanish un altro giocatore, invece di essere applicata l'invisibilità all'altro giocatore, veniva applicata a chi usava il comando.
    - Fixato che nella lista dei giocatori in vanish, se in ordine alfabetico un giocatore online era in vanish, quelli successivi in ordine alfabetico (A-Z) venivano contati come online.
    Aggiunta un opzione per la modifica del prefix (di...
  4. Now when you re-log you still are in vanish if you logged out while in vanish

    Bug Fix:
    Now when you re-log you still are in vanish if you logged out while in vanish.
    Now in /vanish list, players that logged out while in vanish have "&4[&cOFFLINE&4]" suffix
  5. Vanish 1.5 - Italian Language Messages

    Same of the Vanish 1.5 version but with Italian Language Messages.
  6. Fixed a non-important grammatic error on # texts (notes that are not in the code)

    "#If you link and/or use this Skript leave me a positive review in the resource's page, so other people can know this skript"
    I wrote "link" instead of "like".
  7. Vanish 1.0 - English

    First version of this Skript.
    The same of Vanish 1.0 - Italian Version, but in English Language messages.
  8. Vanish - Italian Version

    The same of Vanish 1.0, but in Italian Language messages.
    Translated by me (Sitieno14), i'm an Italian Minecraft Skript Maker.

    "Verison" is a fail, sorry xD