Variables 1.2

Define your own variables and use commands to modify the variables per player. MySQL support.

  1. maol3

    This plugin is made mainly for, but not limited to, obtaining statistics. The plugin will let you define your own variables and use a command for setting the value of a variable, for a certain player. You can use a third-party plugin to execute the command each time you want to, for instance, add 1 to the variable.

    - MySQL support
    - UUID support
    - Define how many variables you want, per player
    - Modify a variable value by executing a command
    - Send a message to the player once a variable is modified (optional)

    Default configuration:

    Load the plugin once, then modify the generated configuration file. The database must exist already, or the plugin will not function properly. Once the configuration is updated, reload the plugin configuration with /variables reload (needs the variables.reload permission). When this is done, you can start using the plugin.

    To modify the text sent to the player when executing a command, you have to modify it in the configuration file.

    /variables [player] [variable] [value] - Modify a players' variables with this main command.
    /var [player] [variable] [value] - Short command for /variables.
    /addvar [variable] - Add a variable to the database.
    /delvar [variable] - Delete a variable from the database.
    /checkvar [player] [variable] - Check a player's value for a certain variable.
    /variables reload - Reloads the variable configuration.

    variables.use - Permission to use /variables and /var
    variables.add - Permission to add a variable with /addvar.
    variables.delete - Permission to delete a variable with /deletevar.
    variables.check - Permission to check a player's value for a variable with /checkvar.
    variables.reload - Permission to reload the variable configuration (also need variables.use permission).

    Any suggestions? Please let me know!

    Unless you mind, please leave a review!

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Recent Reviews

  1. namke
    Version: 1.2
    I've been using this plugin for 6 months on my Parkour server, for counting how many times each player has completed each parkour and it has worked smoothly. Recommended!
  2. Zyrolash
    Version: 1.2
    I'm having trouble with this plugin and he does not help .
  3. Spindlyskit
    Version: 1.0
    An outstanding plugin. It is perfect for RPG servers like mine because you can have a level system!!
    1. maol3
      Author's Response
      Yeah, you can use this for pretty much anything - level, experience, money or counting stuff. And also between different servers since it supports MySQL. Thanks for the review!