VarLight 1.12.8

Turn normal blocks into Light Sources

  1. shawlaf
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Welcome to VarLight

    VarLight Allows you to turn most blocks into light sources.

    • Right click with Glowstone Dust (customizable) to increase light level by 1. (This will consume one Dust if not in creative mode)
    • Left click with Glowstone Dust (customizable) to decrease light level by 1.
    • Breaking a Light source with Silk Touch with drop a Glowing version of the block.
    • When placed, a new light source will automatically be created.
    • Breaking a Light source without silk touch or with fortune will drop Glowstone Dust (customizable).

    Report Bugs on the Github Issues Page

    Command Help
    • /varlight config: Edit Configuration
    • /varlight save: Save Custom Light sources
    • /varlight update: Create a custom light source at a given position
    • /varlight fill: Fill a large region with light sources
    • /varlight clear: Remove Custom Light sources in a Chunk or Region
    • /varlight stepsize: Edit the amount of Light levels increased/decreased with a single right/left click
    • /varlight debug: Debug commands
    All commands have TAB-Completion
    Use /varlight help <subcommand> to get more info about a certain command
    A Commands Wiki Page is currently in the Making

    Showcase Videos
    Russian Showcase Video by @DarkSumrak (Plugin Version: 1.12.5)

    Configuration Wiki


    You can donate using the button below:

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Recent Updates

  1. 1.16.4 Support
  2. Fix for Light sources at y=255
  3. Permission Check Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. mantis64
    Version: 1.12.8
    Fantastic plugin. Super easy to use and very useful. Great, fast support from a wonderful developer.
  2. RhymsGod
    Version: 1.12.8
    There are some areas for players to break, but when they break blocks, glowstone powder is falling how can I turn it off
  3. Sidpatchy
    Version: 1.12.8
    Me and my players both love this. Almost anyone who finds out about it instantly uses it to build something that wouldn't be possible without it.
    1. shawlaf
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Would love to see some screenshots of builds using VarLight :)
  4. iSn0w
    Version: 1.12.6
    This Plugin does not light up Glass or Colored Glass. And there is no option to enable it. Even if it creates ghost light blocks there should be an option to enable glass lightening.
  5. DonkeyServer
    Version: 1.12.6
    Thanks for your new update unfortunately there is still a bug active that is when I use redstone clock the server goes down and runs slowly
  6. Delfino
    Version: 1.12.5
    It came from Addlight.
    I think it's a very good plugin.
    I also want to illuminate the player's head, fence, glass, etc.I have confirmed the comment that if you break the block by shining glass etc., it will remain as it is.In that case, I would like you to be able to set it from the config etc.I like to use the floating state in Addlight. I look forward to working with you.
  7. angeluscaligo
    Version: 1.12.5
    We've utilized this plug-in for a week, before it started to cause lag in the areas where it was used moderately. Even resetting the area's original light-levels, via the commands, did not solve the problem - untill we disabled the plug-in.
    Alas, an inopprtune end to what could have been a great asset to our server.
    1. shawlaf
      Author's Response
      can you send me a timings report via Private message?
  8. ShinyTheDark
    Version: 1.12.5
    It seems to be a good alternative to Addlight, but I need it especially for colored glass, why can't you light that of all things ...? Unfortunately, that makes it completely useless to us... :(
    1. shawlaf
      Author's Response
      I'll think about how I can allow Glass Blocks to be lit, the reason why glass is an invalid block is that when you break a glowing Glass block the Light source remains as a "ghost light source"
  9. Notso9bit
    Version: 1.12.5
    Useful plugin. A way to configure the item name and lore of lit blocks would be nice.
  10. mikeyt2
    Version: 1.12.4
    LOVE this plugin Im having a bug ive only seen twice in 500 hours of use..where lighted areas with varlight bug out and dont appear lighted (mobs dont spawn but visually there is no light from anything lighted with plugin) it causes bad fps drop and is an eye sore for what SHOULD be lighted
    1. shawlaf
      Author's Response
      Check if the affected area is getting receiving block updates (pistons moving, or in general just any blocks in the area being changed, moved) . In those cases I have to resend the custom light values and updating light on the client tends to be really laggy (even on good pcs)