VarLight 1.11.1

Turn normal blocks into Light Sources

  1. Bugfix

    Fixed a bug when using /varlight fill with light level 0 not actually updating light.
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  2. Command refactoring and WorldEdit/WorldGuard support

    This release adds some new features and refactors quite a few commands.

    Configuration changes:

    • There are a lot, you'd be better of deleting the old config.yml and letting it regenerate. The new config.yml File has a Wiki Page Here

    • Some commands like /varlight autosave, /varlight item (and more) have been merged into one command: /varlight config
    • Error messages on...
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  3. Bugfixes and Improvements

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  4. Bugfix

    I forgot to check the block tag in 1.14, fixed now
  5. Bugfixes and more Blocks

    This release fixes #29 and allows for more blocks to be turned into Light sources (#26)
  6. VarLight 1.9

    VarLight 1.9
    This update includes performance upgrades, removes the LightAPI dependency and a new storage format for Light sources.

    • Added /varlight debug logger: This logger will display some more debug information in case you are experiencing problems.
      • The only action currently being logged is when Users are trying to modify Light sources using Left/Right Click
    • ...
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  7. Bugfixes

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  8. Small Bugfix

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  9. Disable Update check and Bugfix

    This release includes one new feature and a bugfix

    • You can now disable the update check using the check-update config key (boolean)
    • /varlight autosave <new interval> now actually updates the autosave interval instead of just printing a message
    All changes between 1.8 and 1.8.1
  10. Reclaiming, Stepsize in Survival and Bugfixes

    • Added an update checker, which will notify about plugin updates on server startup
    New Features:
    • Allow usage of /varlight stepsize in Survival and Adventure mode
      • You will have to enable it in the config using the key stepsize-gamemode:
        • CREATIVE - Only players in creative may mode may use stepsize
        • SURVIVAL - Only players in survival and creative may mode may use stepsize
        • ADVENTURE -...
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