VarLight 1.12.8

Turn normal blocks into Light Sources

  1. 1.16.4 Support

    Adds Support for Minecraft 1.16.4
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  2. Fix for Light sources at y=255

    This release fixes a bug that would spam the console with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException's if a Light source was placed at Y level 255.
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  3. Permission Check Fix

    Fixes a bug that allowed players without permission to use the /varlight clear command
  4. Updated Download Link

    Switched to directly uploading the Jar File instead of linking the Github Release, no code changes, this Jar is identical to the last release
  5. [1.12.5] Fill command bugfixes

    Fixed some bugs with the fill command
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  6. [1.12.4] 1.16.2 Support

    • You can now disable consumption of the light update item, refer to the wiki on Github for more details
    • Added /varlight clear command
    • Plugin now shipped in a single Jar file for all supported MC versions
    • Added Support for Minecraft 1.16.2
    • Cleaned up some Backend Code
  7. [1.12.3] Bugfix

    VarLight 1.12.2 for Minecraft 1.15 thought every block invalid. This is now fixed.

    Absolutely Nothing changed for Minecraft 1.16, but I still uploaded the file for consistency.
  8. [1.12.2] Bugfix

    This release fixes #37

    The custom datapack was completely removed. Instead, the list of allowed blocks is completely hardcoded.
  9. [1.12.1] Updated Datapack handling

    The way the datapack was implemented in VarLight 1.12 had some issues with Paper (PaperMC/Paper#3668)

    This update should fix that.

    Instead of creating temporary files, the plugin not loads the Datapack directly from the Folder included in the Jar File.
  10. [1.12] 1.16 Support

    This version drops support for 1.14 and adds support for 1.16. Because of the way Datapacks are loaded in 1.16, some changes had to be made:

    • The plugin no longer drops a "" into your world/datapacks folder, please delete that file before upgrading!
    • Instead the plugin creates a temporary file in whatever your Operating System's Temp folder is and deletes that automatically when the server shuts down