VarMOTD 1.0

Create a message of the day using multiple variables (Ingame)

  1. Gideon
    Sorry about the very bad logo, I'm out of inspiration right now.

    What is VarMOTD?
    VarMOTD is a plugin that adds an on join MOTD to the server, it sends you a message ingame that can be set in the configuration file, VarMOTD is aimed to get a lot of useful variables, so requests are always nice to get!

    %username% - Get the name of the player
    %online% - Get the numer of players online
    %maxplayers% - Get the max amount of slots on the server
    %sonline% - Get the amount of staff that are online
    %sonlinenames% - Get the names of all the staff members that are online
    %news% - Get the daily news that is set using /setdailynews
    %serverip% - Get the server's IP and port.

    /varmotd - The help command
    /vreload - Reload the configuration file for the MOTD
    /vversion - Get the plugin's version
    /setdailynews - Set a news line that will show up in %news%

    varmotd.staff - You will be counted as a staffmember in the MOTD
    varmotd.version - /vversion - Check the plugin's version
    varmotd.reload - /vreload -Reload the plugin's configuration file - /varmotd - Get a list of all the commands
    varmord.setnews - /setdailynews - Set the current news line

    Code (Text):
      - '&9Welcome back, &c%username%&7!'
      - '&9Current players online&7: &c%online%&7/&c%maxonline%&7.'
      - '&9Current staff online&7: &7%sonlinenames%&7 (&9Amount&7: &c%sonline%&7)'
      - '&9Server IP&7: &c%serverip%'
      - '%news%'
    dailyNews: '&9Daily news&7: &3We have added VarMOTD!'
    staffListPlayerColour: '&a'
    staffListCommaColour: '&7'
    noPermission: '&c&lYou don&7&l''&c&lt have permission for that command&7&l!'
    (The server IP doesn't seem to work on a localhost, I hope that's okay.)

    I hope I made clear what this plugin does and how it works, if I have not you can always ask it in the discussion topic. I hope people will find this a useful plugin, have fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. Beastsyndicate
    Version: 1.0
    a verry good plugin for your server, one thing i miss is, how many players ave been on the server and the gametime/servertime
    1. Gideon
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)

      About the how many players have joined part, I'm afraid that's hard to do. Well, it could be easy but the problem is that it'll start counting when you install the plugin, but I will look into it.

      I didn't expect that anyone needed gametime/servertime, so I didn't take the time to look into it. But I will look into that too, thank you for the tips :)
  2. SuperSniper
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome plugin, but you should add permissions to check all of the staff on the server (if there arent already permissions, and you just didnt put them on the page)
    1. Gideon
      Author's Response
      Oh, right, I'm such a goat. Yes, there are permissions, I'll add them immediatly!