VARO Plugin++ 2019-04-06

Besser als jedes kostenlose Varo Plugin!

  1. VaroPlugin
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Languages Supported:
    Telegram support (sends a msg to a chat when someone joins)
    custom Spawn point for every player!
    highly customizable:
    - start countdown after x seconds
    - kick after x minutes
    - custom language.yml
    - custom tag
    - custom difficulty
    combatlock (define range variable)
    limit Playtime (15-23o'clock for example)
    shrinking worldborder after x days for x blocks
    Disable items:
    - OP-apple
    - fire-enchantments
    - bed respawn
    - nether protal creation
    custom MOTD messages (pic below)
    revive command
    getTeams command
    invclear command (keep armor or fullclear)
    ping command
    kills behind name
    time left command
    cool thunder sound when someone dies
    custom protection time every new episode
    refill hunger and health on start, set day and clear weather!
    op is removed on start, if you are participing
    custom scoreboard with lot of variables

    player commands:
    /ping - shows your ping
    /teams - show all alive teams
    /coords - submit your coordinates to telegram (REQ telegram)
    op commands:
    /invclear <PlayerName>
    /invclear all <PlayerName>
    /team add <TeamName> <color> <Player1> <Player2>
    /team remove <TeamName>
    /revive <PlayerName>
    /setborder <size> <damage>
    (/team setspawn <PlayerName>) not required, but there!

    Verwenden Sie JAVA 8!
    Seien Sie vorsichtig bei der Formatierung von Konfigurationsdateien!
    Verwenden Sie während des Spiels kein OP, wenn Sie teilnehmen!

    Weitere Infos:
    Kontaktiere uns per E-Mail Adresse: [email protected]

    Wir helfen dir sogar beim Einrichten des Servers!


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Recent Reviews

  1. ProjectTitan
    Version: 2019-04-06
    Sehr gutes Plugin,

    viel besser als z.B. MrVaro und nicht so teuer wie irgendwelche Premium Plugins...!