VARO - Vanilla Roleplay - Free 2.2.3

Organize big pvp-events and fight with your friends!

  1. Janhektor
    dustinhtc123, Janhektor
    Varo (Vanilla Roleplay) is a powerful event plugin for pvp events. You
    can use to for your server or for private projects. One game take multiply days. You can compare it with SurvivalGames. But we have changed/added/removed some features. Read more for additional information.
    A game is split in four game states:

    • Lobby (The players are waiting for start; they can select teams and prepare for game)
    • Spawn (All players are freeze for 60 seconds, then the game starts and pvp starts instantly)
    • InGame (The longest game state. Pvp is enabled, this state continues until one player is remain)
    • End (When the last players is alive [or two players from the same team], the game will end. You can configure a message, which will be send to the winners)
    To move the game from lobby to spawn state, type a simple /start.
    This command is only available for operators an your server.


    • Restart/reload your server and scores will be saved
    • Four game states
    • Support two languages (English and German)
    • Chests on spawn
    • Teams
    • Countdowns
    • Chunk pre-loading to start on a generated and loaded map
    • Exact spawn points
    • Scoreboard
    • Users can't show your plugins
    • Mute-Command
    • Limit playtime per day (config)
    • WorldBorder
    • "Plug and play" - No complex configuration required
    • Lobby items to control teams easier
    • Set location for lobby per command or file
    • MOTD
    • Every team can protect one chest. This chest can't accessed by other players

    Commands and Permissions

    To control the plugin better, we added some commands and a permission. Some actions (e.g. /varohelp, /teamlist) can be performed by administrators and normal users. Other actions (e.g. /start) are only for administrators. You can configure the super permission in config.yml.
    List of commands:

    • varohelp - Main command, shows all available commands for you
    • start - Teleport all players to arena and starts the 60-seconds-countdown
    • setspawn - Set a spawn, where players can start [There are so many spawns required, such users to play]
    • globalmute - Toggle global mute
    • setspawncenter - Set the center of all spawns, chests in a radius of 15 blocks will be filled with some weak start items
    • team - General command for team-manager
    • team requests - Show team requests from other players
    • team accept <name> - Make team with <name>.
    • team leave - Leave your team-partner (team will deleted)
    • team <name> - Send a team request to <name>.
    • protectchest <partner> - Protect a chest for you and your partner

    This plugin created a simple configuration file. It allows you to edit some settings and individualize this plugin.
    Code (Text):
    Language: en

    Prefix: '&7[&4Varo&7]'
    WinnerMessage: '&6Congratulations! Your are the winner!'
    AdminPermission: varo.admin
    MaxPlayTimeSolo: 3600
    MaxPlayTimeTeam: 1800
    WorldBorderRadius: 500
    BlockMeCommand: true

    API for developers
    You are a developer too?
    Our plugin provides a event-based API for developers. You can simply create an eventhandler and catch one of our events. Actually, we have implemented the following events:

    • GameStartEvent
    • PlayerMapTeleportEvent
    • PlayerWinEvent
    In the future, we are planing more events and functions.

    How do use
    To use our API, follow this steps:
    • Create a new plugin
    • Add this plugin as library
    • Add this plugin in plugin.yml as dependency
    • Use our events and change execute your code!
    Available events:
    • GameStartEvent (Is called, when game starts)
    • PlayerMapTeleportEvent (Is called, when a player is teleported to map)
    • PlayerWinEvent (Is called, when the game ends and a player wins)

    Need help?
    If you have a question, a problem or an idea to optimize this plugin, feel free to contact us.
    E-Mail: [email protected]


Recent Reviews

  1. LucsCRafter
    Version: 2.2.3
    Thanks for this nice plugin. (To the Plugin Owner) You should add a Description what is VARO. Varo is a German Project from YouTubers. In English you can see it as SurvivalGames without Chests only an generated world.

    Thanks for this nice plugin! :)