Vault Icon/Name Editor! - [PlayerVaults Addon] 2017-04-23

Similar to Cosmic Vaults ;O

  1. Swiftlicious
    Version: 2017-04-23
    I was actually just looking for a cosmic vault remake plugin because the only one I know of doesn't really work all that well.

    Thanks for making this :D
    couple of suggestions idk if this would be possible or if it's already in the PlayerVaults plugin..

    1. add sounds for closing/opening/entering vaults
    2. add the feature to where if you press ESC when inside a vault it will take you back to the main vault GUI
    3. add multiple pages per selecting icons to change too
    4. allow us to edit how many slots are in each vault and in the main vault menu
    5. allow us to change per vault inventory names
    6. update to 1.11.2 please?

    also is there a list for the material names in the icon gui?