Vault [Storage] 0.3

Additional storage unit.

  1. SuchFailure

    Basically a small storage unit, great for a donor perk!

    < Commands >

    /s (Opens vault)
    /storage (Opens vault)

    < Permissions >


    < Installation >

    1. Stop the server.
    2. Download the plugin.
    3. Drag and drop it into your plugins folder.
    4. Start the server!

    < How to use >

    Players must left click the Enderchest for their extra storge or just do /vault.

    < Myself making the plugin >

Recent Updates

  1. [Vault] Update
  2. [Vault] Changed commands.

Recent Reviews

  1. Hex_27
    Version: 0.1
    Useful in its own ways, but needs to be more configurable (Like the number of slots) Also, I recommend you change the command from /vault to /storage because /vault is taken by... well... a lot of plugins
    1. SuchFailure
      Author's Response
      Changed. :)