Vault 1.7.1

Vault is a Permissions, Chat, & Economy API to give plugins easy hooks into these systems.

  1. Sleaker
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Sleaker, Cerea1, Mung3r, Kainzo
    Languages Supported:

    Vault is a Permissions, Chat, & Economy API to give plugins easy hooks into these systems without needing to hook or depend on each individual plugin themselves. It was born out of a distaste for how both Register and the current Permissions API are run, and their lack of features or over-complicated implementations. Vault attempts to solve these issues by being intuitive and providing plugins with support for any system that they may use.

    • update-check
      • turns the update checker on/off
    • vault.admin
      • allows access to vault info and conversion commands
      • defaults to OP
    • vault.update
      • Anyone with this permission will be notified when Vault is out-dated
      • defaults to OP
      • setting to false in permissions.yml will disable version check messages for console
    Vault currently Supports:

    This plugin utilizes bstats plugin metrics system. the following information is collected and sent to unless opted out:
    • A unique identifier
    • The server's version of Java
    • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
    • Plugin's version
    • Server's version
    • OS version/name and architecture
    • core count for the CPU
    • number of players online
    • Metrics version
    • Which Chat, Economy, and Permission hook is in use.
    Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/bstats/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

    Linking Vault
    There's a slightly longer/more detailed example on the Vault github page on how you might link to vault in a plugin. See:

    The following 3 methods can be used along with the 3 variables to load both the permission, economy, and chat systems from Vault. Make sure to add depend: [Vault] to your plugin.yml - You don't need to use all 3 if you don't want to in your plugin! If you only want one or two of the three APIs only use those ones you need!

    NOTICE: Vault automatically logs what Plugins it found and hooks to, there is no need to display this information in your plugin.

    NOTICE: Don't Forget To add softdepend: [Vault] or depend: [Vault] to your plugin.yml
    Code (Text):

        public static Permission permission = null;
        public static Economy economy = null;
        public static Chat chat = null;

        private boolean setupPermissions()
            RegisteredServiceProvider<Permission> permissionProvider = getServer().getServicesManager().getRegistration(net.milkbowl.vault.permission.Permission.class);
            if (permissionProvider != null) {
                permission = permissionProvider.getProvider();
            return (permission != null);

        private boolean setupChat()
            RegisteredServiceProvider<Chat> chatProvider = getServer().getServicesManager().getRegistration(;
            if (chatProvider != null) {
                chat = chatProvider.getProvider();

            return (chat != null);

        private boolean setupEconomy()
            RegisteredServiceProvider<Economy> economyProvider = getServer().getServicesManager().getRegistration(net.milkbowl.vault.economy.Economy.class);
            if (economyProvider != null) {
                economy = economyProvider.getProvider();

            return (economy != null);
    Code (Text):

    Repository Information for Maven Projects
    Help support development of Vault: Donate
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Recent Reviews

  1. mindgam3s
    Version: 1.7.1
    great api / lib
    everything is somehow based on it so: good job developers^^
  2. Jemand25
    Version: 1.7.1
    Tipp for using the API you not need an if block
    in onenable
  3. Siddiet
    Version: 1.6.7
    Vault is very necessary and I need a more current version the most current doesn't run properly
  4. z__
    Version: 1.6.7
    Vault is awesome... except that so many plugins stop working correctly because vault is often loaded after them when the server starts... So they do not find vault... I've had this problem for years and have never found a solution other than reloading plugins that depend on vault after a server restart which at times causes more problems
  5. BitCash
    Version: 1.6.7
    your server cannot function without vault. This could be the worlds best plugin, better than worldedit.
  6. EndlessWorld
    Version: 1.6.7
    A must have plugin in order to make your server fully compatible with other major plugins such as Essentials, PEX ...
  7. thegogz
    Version: 1.6.7
    Great Plugin, really helps make everything play nicely together. Keep up the good work!
  8. IzDaBait
    Version: 1.6.7
    What the hell is with the people posting stupid reviews? I don't get it. This plugin is awesome. There is no other way to explain it. Bugs are fixed quickly, and this plugin is very compatible. That's it. no other words needed.
  9. crainer
    Version: 1.6.7
    i have a problem if i do /fly it says command expired and pls purchage at shop pls help
    1. Sleaker
      Author's Response
      This has nothing to do with Vault.
  10. 2DevsStudio
    Version: 1.7.1
    Hi, i have problem with Api, i setup correctly but plugin can't find Vault on the server. Latest api, latest plugin.