VaultRankReloaded | /rank with PEX | 1.16.x 2020-12-09

You can type /rank instead of the long Pex usage to change ranks!

  1. KingSchick
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    This plugin is designed for server admins who are tired of typing in long commands just to rank a player! Now all that they have to do is a simple easy to use /rank <name> <group> [world].


    • A simple, easy to use command to rank players!
    • Support for customized broadcast messages!
    • Support for customized messages to user on rank changes and to the ranker!
    • Supports color codes by using the & delimiter!
    • Support for ranking offline players!
    • Support for name auto-completion!
    • Logging support for changes to ranks!
    /rank <name> <group> [world] Aliases: setrank, setgroup
    - Set the rank of a user with a simple, easy to use command!
    /rank reload
    - Reloads the configuration for VaultRank without reloading the entire server!

    Wildcards: {RANKER}, {RANKED}, {RANK}


    • prefix: Prefix which is shown before the real message.
    • to-ranked-player: The message show to the ranked player.
    • to-online-players: The message to show to other players on the server.
    • to-ranking-player: The message to show to the ranking player.
    • log-changes: If set to true, all in-game changes will be recorded in log.txt.
    • auto-complete: If set to true, partial names will be filled with the players full name for online players.

    • vaultrank.reload: Allows permission to reload the configuration from the disk.
    • Allow players to rank others to the given group.
    • vaultrank.notify-update: Players with this permission will be notified when updates are available.

    • Vault
    • A Permissions plugin supported by Vault like PEX

Recent Reviews

  1. Ghost_LoneWalker
    Version: 2020-12-09
    It looks pretty cool. You said it will send a message to the player change group, but pex will also send it to player. Will it block pex?