VegansWay 1.1

VegansWay is a modular Bukkit plugin that adds vegan alternatives to Minecraft.

  1. v1.1 --- The world update --- (25/December/2017)

    - World Update (configurable)
    --- More Fiber Plants (Azure Bluet) in the world
    --- Cat Nepet (Pink Tulips) in the jungle
    --- Fiber Flowers in the top of cactus witch drops wool
    --- Fertilizing for Fiber Plants, Cat Nepet and Fiber Flowers (with Bone Meal)
    - Added Metrics support
    - Added mobs bleeding
  2. v1.02 --- To Minecraft 1.12 --- (17/June/2017)

    - Updated to 1.12 Minecraft Version
    - Changed color of custom bed crafted by Hay Bale
    - Renamed crafted milk -> Pumpkin Seed Drink (Name configurable from the config.yml)
  3. v1.01 --- No more chickens --- (4/May/2017)

    - Algorithm change for ocelote taming (no more chickens)
    - You can configure more values from the config.yml
    --- Probability percentage of an ocelot converting into a cat when they eat catnip from your hand
    --- Probability percentage of an spider placing a web to trap a damaged player
    --- Number of extra strings droped from spiders when they die
    - Renamed: Wool Plant -> Fiber Plant
    - When the servers starts, VegansWay looks for a new version and then warns you