VeinMiner 1.15.0

Minecraft Forge's VeinMiner recreated for CraftBukkit and Spigot servers!

  1. Minor Fix and More Efficient Pattern

    • Added a new vein mining pattern, veinminer:expansive
      • This pattern is exponentially more efficient as it does not recursively check blocks that have already been checked. As such, this pattern is the new default
      • The veinminer:default pattern has been renamed to veinminer:thorough and is still available for use, though expansive is recommended
    • Fixed blocks with wildcard states not mining all instances of its type (i.e. redstone_ore[lit=true] would not mine redstone_ore[lit=false] even if redstone_ore were defined in the block list)
    • Centralized some utility code that was previously spread out across multiple instances
    • Removed some over-engineered code in the block cache
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