VeinMiner 1.15.0

Minecraft Forge's VeinMiner recreated for CraftBukkit and Spigot servers!

  1. Anti Cheat Improvements & Bug Fixes

    • Added support for Spartan anti-cheat as its popularity rises
    • Added a console message when a supported anti-cheat was recognized by VeinMiner (and improved hook registration in general)
      • Minor note for developers: VeinMiner#registerAntiCheatHook() now throws an IllegalStateException rather than an IllegalArgumentException when registering an existing anti-cheat hook.
    • Improved the accuracy of AntiAura's anti-cheat hook. Should no longer accidentally unexempt players who were exempted prior to vein mining
    • Fixed NoCheatPlus support not functioning as intended
    • Fixed an edge-case NullPointerException for misconfigured/non-existent block lists
    • Better validate players to ensure dead players cannot vein mine
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