VeinMiner 1.17.0

Minecraft Forge's VeinMiner recreated for CraftBukkit and Spigot servers!

  1. Custom Keybinds & Wildcards!


    CUSTOM KEYBINDS ARE HERE!!! Kind of... A brief explanation of VeinMiner is that it's an exclusively server-sided mod (appropriately named, plugin. As are all other Bukkit plugins). The client, unfortunately, does not send the server information about what keys are pressed, only that an action has occurred as a result of a key press. Therefore, custom keybinds for VeinMiner were impossible. However, that does not stop users from installing an OPTIONAL...
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  2. Bug Fix & Modernized Update Checker

    • Use SpigotMC's official web API to check for plugin updates
    • Fix incompatibilities (ConcurrentModificationException) with numerous mining-related plugins such as AdvancedEnchantments
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  3. AAC 5 Support & Adjustments

    This is a minor release dropping support for AAC 4 and moving instead to AAC 5. If you use Advanced AntiCheat and have not yet updated, please do so before updating to this version of VeinMiner.
    • Update AAC support from 4.x to 5.x (#48 - @konsolas)
    • Improve readability of some command output
    • Fix block lists not being loaded on first install of VeinMiner
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  4. Bug Fix & WorldGuard Integration

    • Add WorldGuard flag, veinminer, to change whether or not VeinMiner can be used in a region
      • Permission is still required to use VeinMiner regardless of whether or not the flag is set to ALLOW
    • Fix IllegalArgumentException on startup for first-time users
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  5. More Bug Fixes & Matrix Anti Cheat Support

    • Add native support for Matrix anti cheat. Should no longer receive false flags for fast break
    • Update various anti cheat dependencies
      • Developers: VeinMiner's pom.xml has been cleaned up significantly! It should make contributions much easier
    • Improve and make consistent the anti cheat integration. Should prevent any edge cases
    • Fix various configuration options not working as intended (MaxVeinSize,...
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  6. Minor Bug Fixes & API Additions

    • Update bStats from 1.5 -> 1.7
    • Fixed the /veinminer toggle tab completion using the veinminer.reload permission instead of veinminer.toggle (was hot-fixed into 1.16.0, but still worth noting here for those that didn't download it)
    • Fix IncludeEdges not being recognized at the tool template configuration level
    • Fix /veinminer blocklist <category> list not alphabetically sorting block states
    • API...
  7. 1.16.0 Support & Long Awaited Features

    • Added 1.16 blocks and items to their respective default block and tool lists
    • Added configuration options to exhaust the player while vein mining. This is enabled by default at a factor of 4 (this seemed most balanced while testing)
    • Added /veinminer mode command to change, per-player, how VeinMiner should activate
      • Consequently, the ActivationStrategy configuration option has been removed as this is now per-player.
      • Permission for this...
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  8. Bug Fixes & QOL Features

    • /veinminer blocklist <category> <add/remove> and /veinminer toollist <category> <add/remove> now accept an arbitrary amount of items
      • Example: /veinminer blocklist pickaxe add coal_ore minecraft:iron_ore diamond_ore minecraft:gold_ore is now valid and will add all four blocks to the list
    • Veinmining patterns are now global and assignable by a server operator (as opposed to per-player which caused confusion)
      • ...
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  9. Custom Tool Categories & 1.15 support

    • Added support for Bukkit 1.15.x
      • This build still supports 1.13.x and 1.14.x
    • Added a categories.yml file to allow users to create custom tool categories each with their own changeable set of tools in each category. Want to use a dirt block as a pickaxe? You can do that now!
      • Permission nodes for these categories are dynamic.
      • veinminer.veinmine.<category_id> will allow players to veinmine using that category...
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  10. Minecraft 1.14 Support

    • Added support for Minecraft 1.14
      • This build still supports Minecraft 1.13.x
    • Improve the speed of anti-cheat support while vein mining
    • Fixed a NoClassDefFoundException for Minecraft 1.14
    • Fixed a NullPointerException thrown when the BlockList was not present in the configuration file
    • Fixed a NullPointerException for unlisted types while vein mining
    • Fixed an edge-case NullPointerException while checking tool templates
    • Update all dependencies (anti...