VeinMiner 1.15.0

Minecraft Forge's VeinMiner recreated for CraftBukkit and Spigot servers!

  1. General Fixes / API Javadocs

    * Removed the "ForceDropSpawn" configuration option as it is no longer used (Forgot to remove in 1.9.1)
    * Fixed support for grief-protection plugins such as WorldGuard, GriefPrevention, etc.
    * Added Javadoc comments throughout most of the API
  2. MANY Bug Fixes from 1.9.0 / Optimizations

    * "MaxVeinSize" now allows for specific maximum vein sizes per blocklist category
    * Removed ItemsToInventory configuration option (reason below)
    * Deleted a WHOLE lot of now arbitrary code. Unfortunately, had to use NMS (version dependent) code, but it's worth the code optimizations
    * This now ONLY works on Minecraft 1.10, but it's more efficient
    * Fixed shears not properly dropping the materials they should be
    * Fixed veinmining not dropping the proper amount of XP for ores that drop...
  3. Blocklist Restructuring

    * The blocklist is now separated into individual categories per-tool (pickaxe, axe, shovel, shears, and all)
    * All individual sections have different permission nodes, as followed:
    - Removed "veinminer.veinminer" permission node, replaced with "veinminer.veinmine.*"
    - Children permission nodes are respective to the tools, "veinminer.veinmine.pickaxe", "veinminer.veinmine.shovel", etc.​
    * The "/veinminer blocklist" command has had some remodelling to deal with individual tools...
  4. Minor Bug Fixes

    * "ItemsToInventory" now respects full inventories. (Closes ticket #06)
    * If the players inventory is full, it will fill their inventory as best as possible, and drop remains
    * Used a more efficient method to get blocklist materials on startup
    * Removed the disclaimer in the config file (Shouldn't apply anymore, algorithm is really quite efficient... IT HAS ITS LIMITS!!!)
  5. Issue fixes / Command addition

    * Fixed an issue that disallowed items such as clay and cocoa beans to not drop their respective amounts (Closes ticket #05)
    * Rewrote the way silk touch, fortune, and drops as a whole are handled (Should still support versions 1.9+ as well)
    * Added a "/veinminer blocklist reset|default" subcommand to reset the blocklist values to default (Permission: veinminer.blocklist.reset)
    * A few minor...
  6. ItemsToInventory Config Option

    * Added "ItemsToInventory" configuration option to set whether vein mined items go directly to your inventory or not (Default: false)
  7. General Fixes / BlockBreakEvent Calls

    * The Unbreaking enchantment is now respected for tools
    * Re-added the call for BlockBreakEvent (This time, it will not crash the server. Tested)
    * Prevented the possibility that protected areas could be vein mined
    * Attempt to fix ores from flying all over the place when vein mined
    * Minor internal modifications / optimizations
  8. General Fixes

    * Fixed tool durability not updating properly
    * Fixed tools having a negative durability value
    * Fixed the algorithm ignoring data values during the actual process of vein mining (Oops)
  9. Algorithm Updates / New Subcommand

    * Changed the VeinMiner algorithm one last time to make it more accurate
    * The algorithm will now act as a "burst" sequence rather than a "linear" sequence (Fixes ticket 4 -
    * The algorithm is now much more accurate with max vein size calculations
    * Changed the default maximum vein size to 32
    * Added a safeguard for the algorithm. It will now attempt a maximum of 10 cycles if max...
  10. More fatal bug fixes

    * Removed the calls for BlockBreakEvent as it was causing way too many issues (Fixes another fatal crash)