Vendingmachine 1.1

Get drunk, get fly, spend some dollars at the vendingmachine

  1. MaveCrit
    Welcome to VendingMachine!

    With VendingMachine I want to introduce my new development team called "FlipCoEU"
    If you want a custom plugin, design or a new webpage feel free to message me.
    View our webpage too of course:


    [​IMG] About VendingMachine:
    VendingMachine currently supports 4 items which can be purchased using a dollar.
    All items: Beer, coke, Redbull and a Shisha
    By consuming these items you get a unique effect like drunk movement or coffein boost.

    [​IMG] Features
    - Create as much vendingmachines as you want
    - Change the used block easily (Tutorial can be found on this page)
    - Buy dollars using all supported currency systems NEW!
    - Craft dollars NEW!
    - Buy 4 different snacks to consume
    - A fully automatic system for the best experience
    - Interactive JSON Messages NEW!
    - Unbelivable new beer-walking experience


    [​IMG] Config:

    Code (Text):

      Coke: true
      RedBull: true
      Beer: true
      Shisha: true
      ForceResourcepack: true
      Crafting: true
      Economy: true
        Block: JUKEBOX
        Active: true
        Material: IRON_BLOCK
      Price: 100
      displayname: '&21 Dollar'
      lore: Use this dollar at the vending machine
      name: '&9VendingMachine'
      NoMoney: '&cYou dont have money to spend at the vendingmachine! &7Do you want to
        purchase one dollar for &a{price}&7?'

    [​IMG] Commands:
    Code (Text):
    /getdollar - Gives a dollar for free
    [​IMG] Permissions:
    Code (Text):
    vendingmachine.dollar - Access to /getdollar
    [​IMG] How to change the used block:

    1. Download the resourcepack (Link in config)
    2. Rename the material of the Vendingmachine in the config.yml
    3. Rename the used block in assets > models > blocks
    4. Upload the resourcepack and edit the link in the config
    5. Reload

    [​IMG] Crafting:
    You can enable or disable crafting in the config.yml



    [​IMG] Screenshots or videos:


Recent Updates

  1. Crafting and Economy update