VentureChat 2.16.0

#1 Channels Chat plugin! Spigot + Bungee. Supports PlaceholderAPI + JSON formatting. Moderation GUI!

  1. Aust1n46
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    [​IMG]The Official Chat Plugin of VENTUREMC

    VentureChat is a do-it-all chat plugin rated as the #1 Bukkit chat resource on Spigot. Much of what makes VentureChat so great is its versatility. VentureChat functions extremely well on all types of servers - big or small - Bukkit or Bungee. The plugin also has a bunch of configurable and toggleable special features, including a Moderation GUI, mute management, JSON hovers, nicknames, channels, Bungee/network channels, grouped server channels, private channels, placeholders (lots of placeholder capabilities) and much more. If it involves chat, VentureChat can do it.

    • Channels system for a controlled chat: Players can join channels they want to hear and leave channels they don't want to hear.
    • JSON formatting: Hover messages over the players prefix and name are now configurable based on custom JSON groups in the config.
    • Muting: You can mute players in a channel, optionally for a time in minutes, or all channels at once.
    • Proxy muting: You can mute players on any server in the network through the bungeecord proxy.
    • Forcing: You can force a player or all players to send messages or run commands.
    • Channel permissions: You can make channels with permissions. Ex: Staff channels or donator channels.
    • Channel distances: You can configure a distance for players to hear a channel. Ex: A town or local channel
    • Channel cooldowns: You can set a cooldown time in seconds for a channel for a cooldown between a player sending a message. There is a bypass permission for cooldowns.
    • BungeeCord channels: You can have a channel send its messages to other servers in a BungeeCord network.
    • Towny formatting: You can choose to use Towny prefixes like towns nations and the Towny titles.
    • Jobs formatting: You can choose to use the job titles from the Jobs plugin.
    • Colors for channels and chat: You can set 2 colors for each channel, the color for the channels tag and a color for the color of the chat in that channel.
    • Chat filter: You can setup a chat filter in the config to filter out vulgar words or anything you want.
    • Quick chat: Players can use /channel [message] to send a message into that channel without switching into it.
    • Party chat: Players can join parties and create private groups.
    • Supports Vault for player prefixes: Any permissions plugin that works with vault will work with this plugin.
    • In game configuration editing: You can edit the configuration in game and it will automatically reload the plugin for instant updates.
    • Anti spam: You can choose to use the anti spam which automatically mutes spammers.
    • Custom formatting: You can either use the default channel, party, and messaging formats, or make your own with the format feature.
    • Towny channels: If you have towny installed, create channels called Town and Nation and they will become towny channels.
    • VanishNoPacket support: If you have VanishNoPacket installed, private messaging will be disabled to vanished players.
    • Cross server messaging: The plugin can be installed into the bungeecord plugins folder to add cross server messaging.
    • MySQL logging: You can optionally use a MySQL database to log all chat and commands from the server.
    • BungeeCord synchronization: Mutes and channel data from BungeeCord channels, along with spy and commandspy settings will be automatically synchronized throughout the network
    • PlaceholderAPI Placeholders: All PlaceholderAPI placeholders will work in the chat format, JSON formatting, and moderation GUI.
    Additional Planned Features
    • Commandspy custom formats
    • More BungeeCord synchronization
    • Customizable messages
    Request others in the DISCUSSION not in reviews.


    Commands and Permissions are displayed on the GitHub repository - available HERE.

    Code (Text):
    Other Permissions:
    venturechat.message.bypass #Allows you to hover over <removed messages> and read it

    1. This plugin requires Vault, ProtocolLib and PlaceholderAPI to be installed. VentureChat does NOT work with EssentialsChat, please ensure that you do not have EssentialsChat installed.
    2. Simply drag the VentureChat.jar into your plugins folder.
    3. To use the cross server messaging, simply drag the VentureChat.jar into the BungeeCord plugins folder as well.
    4. After installing the .jar files, restart the server(s)/proxy.
    5. Using the config in the "VentureChat" folder generated by the jar, you can change the default values to your liking and setup channels and formats. Included are some basic default channels to display possibilities, but feel free to create your own. Detailed guides on the VentureChat config are available on the wiki.
    Optional Dependencies
    DiscordSRV and PurpleIRC support VentureChat. Check our their respective plugin pages to download and setup them up.

    For further assistance, ask in the discussion or visit the wiki!
    MineverseChat API Port - install this along with VentureChat if you use a plugin that depends on the MineverseChat API. You probably won't need this ever!
    If you need help or have any questions about VentureChat, they will promptly be answered in the Discussion. Please include your config and logs in order to get a swift and accurate response. Kindly do not ask for help in the reviews.

    For helpful guides and the FAQ, visit the VentureChat Wiki

    Review video en espaƱol by @Maximiliano

    If you have questions or issues with installing or using VentureChat, please ask in the discussion instead of the reviews section.
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  1. Endothelium
    Version: 2.16.0
    Great plugin and really nice developer ! I had questions and he answered all :))
  2. ItsMeMan
    Version: 2.16.0
    Great chat plugin and it's free!!! Developer responds quickly. It has improved my servers chat by 5x, so much easier to see and organise.
  3. Drakortha
    Version: 2.16.0
    Best chat channel plugin we've ever used, and this is coming from a server that's been running 9 years. Great customization to make any kind of channel you want. Fantastic!
  4. Sandbag
    Version: 2.16.0
    A great chat plugin with a lot of features that doesn't require a degree to configure, and works with bungee. You are my new favourite person. This is premium worthy.
  5. skilledpt
    Version: 2.16.0
    finnaly i found a good chat puglin for bungee, nice work mate. Read my PM please.
  6. WeaselBeans
    Version: 2.16.0
    Good plugin, you can even reload the config using /chatreload! The aliases are a very important feature to my server.
  7. Henaminator
    Version: 2.15.1
    Good plugin, but lack a way to reload config. Always have to restart when doing a small update in it. PlaceHolderAPI variables also don't seem to be working in the config.
  8. Vencorr
    Version: 2.15.1
    Wonderful plugin. Feature-rich and easily configurable. Good support from the author. Always trying to help others with issues regarding the plugin.
    Version: 2.15.1
    This do not reload all configs. I change chat color and this not reload it! Please fix it and I will give 5 stars.
    1. Aust1n46
      Author's Response
      The reload feature not working is only an issue with the latest Spigot builds. But I still always recommend restarting to make major changes. It's a good habit to get into to avoid any file corruption issues.
  10. happyhappy61
    Version: 2.15.1
    Config doesn't support Chinese encoding.
    Garbled format even when I set the config to UTF-8.