VersionAnalyze 1.0

Keep a list of all users on the network with their client version in a Redis cache

  1. manuelgu
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    VersionAnalyze lets you analyze the Minecraft versions of your players on the Bungee network.

    Upon joining the bungee instance the players UUID will be added to a set in the configured Redis database. Upon leaving, the entry will be removed again.

    Additionally the plugin offers a network-wide command to check the protocol version of a given player. You can see which data version represents which version in plain text here. The command syntax is /playerversion <playerName>

    Database scheme
    If you wish to integrate the Redis dataset (which you probably want) into your own application, for example Grafana for fancy charts or other I'll explain the data scheme: Each data version (a number) gets its own set. If a user is detected to use a Minecraft client with that protocol version his UUID will be added to the set. If the player leaves again, the UUID gets removed from the set.

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