VersionAPI 1.4.1

easy to use NMS-Methods with multi-version-support

  1. SyntaxPhoenix
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  2. Update to 1.12
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Recent Reviews

  1. dingdong2000
    Version: 1.3
    How can i edit config? I can't see this plugin folder. And i don't find commands for this plugin.
    1. SyntaxPhoenix
      Author's Response
      These Plugin is an API and does not feature any command. Its only an implemenattion for developers :)
  2. Swiftlicious
    Version: 1.2
    It's probably really useful but I have no idea how I would change/add the NMS files from 1.9/1.10 to 1.11.2 xD
    (pfftttt maybe might be trying to do it for the plugin called MoreTNTs to update it to 1.11.2 since it's inactive now and last worked for 1.10 version of minecraft)